5 Ways Brands Can Maximize the Value of LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool



Next time you sit down with your marketing team, make sure LinkedIn is the topic of conversation.

For many brands, LinkedIn is a vastly underutilized social media tool. Most companies have a LinkedIn presence, but it would be hard to label these profiles as anything more than “basic.” There is nothing special about the average LinkedIn strategy, and this needs to change.

LinkedIn is far more valuable than the average individual or business will ever know. It’s about much more than simply establishing a profile and using it to maintain a professional online image. At its very core, LinkedIn is a marketing tool with immense power.

Let’s take a look at a handful of ways brands – like yours – can maximize this influential resource.

1. Publish Content

There is tremendous value to be extracted from LinkedIn as a publishing platform. In fact, it’s astonishing that more companies aren’t using this resource. Where else do you get the opportunity to post content to a website that gets millions of page views every single week?

But you don’t have to invest all of your time and effort into creating original content for LinkedIn. Thanks to the LinkedIn “updates” feature, you can send out quick updates with links to your website, blog, or other articles.

This is the best way to drive traffic to your other pages. For an example of the value in posting regular updates and content, check out the Park West Gallery profile. They do a phenomenal job of pushing out updates every couple of weeks to keep users engaged.

2. Develop a Robust Company Page

Your LinkedIn profile should be viewed as an extension of your brand. When people land on your profile, the transition from your other web pages and branding elements should be seamless. Here is an excellent article on what it takes to create a killer profile.

If you’re looking for an example of what a strong and robust LinkedIn company page looks like, check out Evernote’s page. From the copy and images to the handful of other branding elements intertwined into the layout, their page is an excellent example. Hays, the staffing and recruiting agency, is another good example.

3. Invest in Advertising

While it’s not quite on the same level as Facebook, LinkedIn does allow companies to get very specific with their advertising efforts. One of the most effective strategies is to publish a couple pieces of quality content and then promote this content. The cost-per-click will be higher than it is on a lot of platforms, but the engagement quality is also much higher.

4. Use LinkedIn Messaging

In order to keep up with mobile trends and the marketplace’s affinity for chat bot technology, LinkedIn rolled out a new chat feature late last year to improve its existing messaging tool.

For businesses, this new feature makes the messaging tool much more like a text platform than an email platform. As such, you can reach out to prospects and customers in a much friendlier and faster way. Furthermore, it can be used to start conversations with people on your marketing team.

5. Make Notes About Clients

Did you know that you can use LinkedIn as a mini CRM tool? When you click on an individual’s profile, a number of options pop up beneath the header. With these buttons, you can take a number of actions. These include setting reminders, making a note of how you met, and writing notes. These come in handy more often than you’d think.

Make LinkedIn a Priority

Moving forward, LinkedIn should be an integral component of your internet marketing strategy. While it’s commonly viewed as a static resource, the reality is that this important social network offers a number of unique features that can be leveraged to produce some pretty healthy returns.

Next time you sit down with your marketing team, make sure LinkedIn is the topic of conversation.

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