Why Vloggers Should Collaborate With Influencer Marketing Platforms



Working with an influencer marketing platform can take the stress and admin out of managing your online business.

I recently read an article that explained how 41% of people between the ages of 18 to 29 are using AdBlock Plus – an application that allows people to block online adverts.

While it has never been a secret that more people are looking for ways to fast forward, skip and unsubscribe from online advertising, consumers, and especially millennials have become repulsed and irritated by brand messages.

It is for this reason that smart brands are turning to Influencer Marketing in an attempt to somehow connect with the right target audience and if any brand is to connect with the most valued consumer segment – millennials, they need to find alternative ways to connect with them, on the right platform and in a way that doesn’t make them feel bombarded by the brand message.

Because like any consumer, millennials tend to trust the opinions of their peers over that of a brand, YouTubers are becoming a valuable channel for brands to connect and engage with their target audiences. By having daily interaction and engagement with their fan base, vloggers have a significant influence on the purchasing decisions of their followers.

A great example would be Zoella, fashionbi explained how, when the YouTube star mentioned a Topshop blusher in one of her blog posts, there was a 40% click through rate to the brand’s site.

More brands are looking at collaborating with top YouTubers because of the value they add. An article on Business Insider explained how YouTubers have become so influential that they now impact the purchasing decisions of more than half of consumers in the US.

So if YouTubers are already in demand by brands, why should they sign up to an influencer platform? Here are a few points on why YouTubers should consider partnering with influencer platforms when working on brand campaigns.

1. Creative Freedom

When Zoella and every other successful vlogger initially started creating videos and setting up their channel they had no guarantee that they would one day have a  successful channel. In most cases, people vlog to express their creativity or views on something.

Over time these YouTubers build their audience, people who enjoy the content they produce so much that they religiously watch every video they put out there. When brands want to partner with YouTubers they need to understand these creatives have worked hard to build their following and they most likely have a clear understanding of what content makes their viewers tick. In many cases brands struggle to give influencers free reign to make the content their own.

Influencer marketing platforms allow YouTubers creative freedom and ensure that they don’t get pressured by brands to put out content that does not align with their channel. Once you are signed up on an influencer platform  you have access to a campaign manager who is able to communicate brand and influencer needs to both parties.

Campaign Managers are also able to ensure brands do not try pressure influencers into  blatantly disregarding the quality of their own content for the purpose of a brand sending out their own message. Influencer marketing platforms are able to handle brand expectations and ensure they’re met by the influencer without compromising on creative integrity. This frees up the influencer to focus on what they do best: creating content.

2. Building valuable relationships

If you are new to the YouTubing scene and are still building your audience, an influencer marketing platform is a great way for you to land your first paying job and ultimately start building valuable relationships with brands.

By working in isolation you will need to wait longer before a brand discovers you. In many cases brands also choose to use YouTubers on influencer marketing platforms because the YouTube platform forms part of bigger campaign with many working elements.

3. Credibility

As you start working with brands you build credibility as other brands can see what content you are capable of producing as well as who you have already worked with.

Working with brands means that you will also have a bigger budget and more room to be creative. When the quality of your videos improve, you become more credible to your audience which could also mean more subscribers – if your audience enjoys your work enough to share it.

Working with an influencer marketing platform takes the stress and admin out of managing your online business. It provides you with a peace of mind knowing you will get paid for every job you do, ultimately allowing you to spend time doing what you do best – creating amazing content!

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