Cultivating The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Secrets From Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Leaders



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In Cultivating The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Secrets From Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List, three of the EU’s youngest business geniuses share how they have disrupted the game and become change agents in their field.

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Amber Atherton: Founder of My Flash Trash and Brand Fan Girl

On getting started: “I did little bits of coding throughout my childhood always looking for problems and opportunities to make a profit out of something. I started my first company at 16 as a blog and it quickly became one of the biggest marketplaces for jewelry in Europe. I recently sold the company and set up a new company.”

On being a young boss: “Being compassionate and learning that you need to have a good work-life balance to have a great work environment in your company is one of the more important things I’ve learned.”

On social media: We grew organically from social media and creating a community around our blog and then other platforms was always a priority. We moved away from big influencers and instead recruited regular girls who were our fans to fuel a conversation around our brand on their social.”

Ross Bailey: CEO and Founder of Appear Here

On getting started: “When I was a kid I was always selling whatever I could and doing bigger and better things every day. I was just having fun. I dropped out at 16 and I helped clubs throw underage nights and it got really big. I was always obsessed with technology, people and their ideas and what makes them get up in the morning. I took an old store and launched a store for the Queen’s Jubilee and then we kept launching other stores.”

On being a young boss: “I’d say you learn in stages. At first when there was only 10 people, it was just most of us working together with a lot of passion about the project. When it started to grow it changed and you learn how to work with people, especially when you’re learning that they’re human and have things going on in their personal life.”

On getting startup money: “I think when we went in and pitched to investors it was our detail and plan, not our age, that convinced people. When you’re young you have to work later and you have to work harder to prove yourself”

On social media: Without social we wouldn’t exist. We’re like Airbnb for retail, and it’s through social that people find these pop-up stores. For example, we helped Kanye do pop-up stores a few weekends ago and hundreds of people lined up at each store and that’s because of social”

Maximillian Guen: Co-Founder of MAGNA CARTA

On getting started: “I was at NYU when I started doing what I do today. My sister had founded a magazine and it inspired me to take the reins and do something, so I started a film company… From there we developed the most epic campaign we could with apps, because it’s difficult to do a brand film on a phone screen. That’s what led us to other campaigns and laid the ground work for us to expand into documentary, film and television.”

On being a young boss: “It really comes down to managing people and if you’re a good manager you’ll realize that quickly, and if not you can learn from your mistakes and learning to manage something with no experience.”

On getting startup money: “When people start to see that you know what you’re doing, people respect you despite your age. Making people feel confident about you will help them trust you with money.”

On social media: “When you’re releasing content it’s broadcast and social, which means you have to film it twice. Social for us has changed everything in film production and it requires more though. From the perspective of releasing things, it’s helped us connect with so many people.”

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