Marketing to Rise Above the Noise: The Old Approach vs. The New Approach



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One of the things we’re constantly thinking about is how to reach people online. “We want to take our content and reach to the next level and figure out where people spend their time,” said Eric Fulwiler, Executive Director of VaynerMedia London.

Along with Eric, at Social Media Week in London, we heard from Ryan Murphy, Creative Director of VaynerMedia London, and Jenna Pelkey Director of Global Media and Marketing Strategies at GE.

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Eric began with discussing a brief history of social media:

  • 2007-2010: Community Growth – growing fans and followers.
  • 2010-2013: Engagement – a focus on how to put out content that is engaging to people, increasing likes, shares, comments, and replies.
  • 2014-Beyond: Business Goals – driving brand awareness, increasing web traffic, gathering consumer insights.

Now, “we think that the mobile phone is the new TV, and that social networks are the channels,” said Eric. “53% of all time spent on a mobile device is on social channels… Brands have the opportunity for their stories to be the new hit shows.”

Ryan discussed the old creative approach vs. the new creative approach:

The Old Approach:

  • Driven largely by intangible qualities. (Brand-Equity, Cool-Factor)
  • Informed only by creative team
  • High production cost on one or few pieces of media
  • High promotional spend on one or few pieces of media
  • One-size-fits-all mentality

The New Approach:

  • Analytics, Strategy, and Creative teams work together at outset.
  • Data due Diligence (Align on KPIs)
  • Ideas for posts informed by: Social listening, competitive intel, consumer insights
  • Campaigns are based on the individual success of posts
  • All content is crafted based on platform best practices
  • Testing and learning is critical
  • Iterate creative in “mid-air,” or while campaign is occurring
  • Taking subjectivity out of creativity

Jenna discussed how GE worked with VaynerMedia to use social in meaningful ways. “Content is always going to be king, context is queen, and I think data informing the context is the piece that differentiates you when you start to think about establishing your brand in these spaces.

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