The World’s Biggest Tech Companies Are Joining Forces to Research AI

Language and the Machine


“AI is set to have transformative impacts on society over the coming years and decades. It is therefore encouraging that the industry is taking the initiative to create a forum in which technology leaders can share best practices and discuss what it means to be a responsible innovator in this burgeoning field.” – Professor Nick Bostrom, Director, Future of Humanity Institute


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Five of the world’s biggest technology companies, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft, have come together “to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies, to advance the public’s understanding of AI, and to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI and its influences on people and society.”

The new endeavor called Partnership on AI will bring the companies together to put down the industry boxing gloves, and instead communicate about best practices, new trends and developments in AI, and how humans can better create, use, and manage this technology, especially as it continues to grow.

The Partnership on AI will aim to:

  1. Ensure that AI technologies benefit and empower as many people as possible.
  2. Educate and listen to the public and actively engage stakeholders to seek their feedback on our focus, inform them of the work, and address their questions.
  3. Conduct open research and dialog on the ethical, social, economic, and legal implications of AI.
  4. Actively engage a broad range of stakeholders for AI research and development efforts.
  5. Have representation from stakeholders in the business community to help ensure that domain-specific concerns and opportunities are understood and addressed.
  6. Work to maximize the benefits and address the potential challenges of AI technologies, by:
    • Working to protect the privacy and security of individuals.
    • Striving to understand and respect the interests of all parties that may be impacted by AI advances.
    • Working to ensure that AI research and engineering communities remain socially responsible, sensitive, and engaged directly with the potential influences of AI technologies on wider society.
    • Ensuring that AI research and technology is robust, reliable, trustworthy, and operates within secure constraints.
    • Opposing development and use of AI technologies that would violate international conventions or human rights, and promoting safeguards and technologies that do no harm.
  7. Interpret AI and its operation of systems for people to better understand the technology and its purposes.
  8. Create a culture of cooperation, trust, and openness among AI scientists and engineers to help achieve these goals.

The founding members will contribute financial and research resources to the partnership and will share leadership with independent third-parties, including academics, user group advocates, and industry domain experts.

If you want to learn more or get involved with Partnership on AI, you can email

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