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A proactive and sharp Social Media professional is cool under fire and thinks about how his or her actions will impact the business.


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Social Media Managers do so much more than just post a few sentences with an interesting image in hopes of gaining some followers. They form the digital front line of your organization, managing your image and reputation with thousands, if not millions, of people each day.

A proactive and sharp social media professional is cool under fire and thinks about how his or her actions will impact the business while under the microscope of the world at large, on top of any trolls or customers that try to attack the brand.

So, what’s your Social Media Manager really doing to accomplish this?

1. They help more customers than any other employee

This is especially true for sales focused organizations, such as retail or B2B companies. The number of people that your Social Media team can impact in a day is vastly greater than any single person meeting your customers face to face. A slip up on their part doesn’t just impact one customer relationship; it can be republished and rehashed on the internet hundreds of times over, ruining your brand’s reputation with the click of a mouse.

2. They constantly develop and implement strategic plans

In large businesses, executives and marketers may toil for weeks creating a strategic plan for a campaign. Social Media Managers don’t have that kind of time. Their plans have to be well thought out and nimble. Through constant analysis and research, a good Social Media Manager can position your brand in prime internet real estate, or leave you at the bottom of the page, never to be seen again.

3. They are your “image” expert

How do you want your brand to be viewed? Social Media Managers can make or break your image and how your business is perceived. Are you a tongue-in-cheek fast food place, such as Taco Bell, or a champion of women’s rights like Dove? Your Social Media Manager is the best person to position the business in a place that attracts customers with a product that reflects a lifestyle that consumers want to lead.

4. They are your brand barometer

Everyone wants to have their organization been seen as the best in whatever industry they operate in. Your Social Media Manager will have his or her pulse on not only your brand, but the entire industry. Who is doing better than you? Where are you excelling? What tactics have worked or failed? Social Media Managers digest information and trends at lightning speed. Listen to them. They know what the average person thinks of your brand better than anyone else.

5. They can make or break you

We’ve all heard stories major social media faux pas created by brands. From the #myNYPD campaign that blew up in the face of the New York City Police Department, to a Blackberry employee tweeting from an iPhone; these seemingly minor decisions had major negative consequences. On the other hand, we’ve seen major successes like Reese’s 2016 March Madness campaign and Lowe’s wildly successful “Fix in Six” content strategy that shares six second video home improvement tips.

Social Media Managers know they walk a very fine tight rope and that their content can go viral for all the right or wrong reasons very quickly. Whether they succeed or fail, the results are often spectacular.

Your Social Media Manager is one of the most critical members of your team. Talk to them. Let them share their ideas and take a moment to understand their world. Both you, and your organization, will benefit from it.

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