Vine is Shutting Down



Fare thee well, Vine.


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Vine, the 6-second looping video app is about to be shut down… forever.

Announced on Vine’s Medium page, they said “in the coming months we’ll be discontinuing the mobile app.” Twitter acquired Vine in January of 2013, and it became a cultural melting pot of comedy, music, memes, sports, travel, lifestyle, and so much more.

Vine helped fuel the creative careers (or creative outlets at the least) for thousands of influencers and creators, many of whom eventually left Vine completely to focus on other platforms for a number of reasons, the main one being the perception that Vine lacked the support and know-how to develop a model that supported advertisements and sponsored content, something that Facebook and YouTube paid much more attention to.

From 2013 until today, the other platforms spent more and more time investing in their video properties and offerings, both for creators and advertisers, and ultimately it worked, but at the cost of Vine’s tragic fall. Now, the creators that invested so much of their lives posting to Vine and fostering their audience are posting videos to Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook, and even the more niche apps like, Triller, YouNow, and others.

The announcement stated Vine is keeping their website online (for now) because they want users to be able to go back and save the videos they created in the past few years. For future updates on the app, Vine encourages you to follow them on Twitter for announcements.

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