IBM Watson Recommends 99% of the Same Cancer Treatments as Doctors



One of the clearest ways to truly recognize IBM Watson’s potential is to understand the fact that it can process more research papers, medical records, and clinical studies at once than a human doctor could possibly imagine.

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We know IBM’s Watson is one of today’s most advanced pieces of technology, but many of us don’t realize its full potential. Aside from winning Jeopardy and defeating Ken Jennings, creating a movie trailer without humans, and joining a professional basketball franchise to draft its future players, the technology has so many more and important capabilities.

According to Futurism,

“IBM Watson understands genomics and assists with cancer diagnoses, making use of its strength with words. The AI is able to read and interpret words through natural language processing. Human experts at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine tested Watson by having the AI analyze 1,000 cancer diagnoses. In 99 percent of the cases, Watson was able to recommend treatment plans that matched actual suggestions from oncologists.”

Not only was Watson accurate 99% of the time compared to the oncologists, but it also found treatment options that the human doctors missed in 30 percent of the cases. Its processing power allowed Watson to consider all of the research papers and clinical trials that the doctors might not have read during a diagnosis.

We’re excited to see what else Watson is capable of from medicine and saving lives to its impact on business and society, both on its own and in collaboration with humans. On November 15th at Social Media Week in Chicago, we’ll hear from Carolyn Calzavara, Partner Engagement Manager for IBM Watson, discuss the cognitive business shift in marketing, as well as a few other stories about the incredible technology that IBM Watson truly is.

H/T: Futurism

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