5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business and Grow Your Audience



Too many people make the common mistake of using the traditional approach on LinkedIn, which entails sales-related efforts and forced interactions. However, try reverse engineering this for more leads and overall success.


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LinkedIn needs no introduction. With 450 million users, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest professional social network.

But are you using LinkedIn to its full potential? With new social media platforms constantly emerging, LinkedIn is a network that usually gets under-utilized. However, the fact is LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networks that can take your business to a whole new level, especially when you know how to use different features to promote your business or service.

Whether you are looking for more clients for your business, or decision makers to buy your product, LinkedIn has everything you need to acquire new leads if you use it properly.

Thus, to help you learn how to make the most of this popular social network, this post includes certain ways you might be overlooking.

1. Use LinkedIn groups to drive new leads

LinkedIn Groups is a valuable part of LinkedIn’s product feature that gives you the ability to produce tons of leads from high-end decision makers. For a matter of fact, LinkedIn enables you to join up to 50 groups. Thus, depending on your business and niche, you can join as many as you can.

Here’s how to maximize your LinkedIn Groups feature

Using Search Filters to find leads
LinkedIn Groups lets you filter the membership list in order to locate prospects and influencers according to different criteria. After joining a particular group, navigate to the Members page.

Run a filtered search and build a list of prospects in a matter of seconds depending on physical locations, company names, specific job titles or any custom criteria you want.

You can now use this newly created list to implement an ongoing LinkedIn campaign to locate as well as connect with customers, prospects and influencers.

Personalizing every invitation to connect

Personalization is the key to building trust and credibility among your users. If you are unable to build a connection with your prospects, you are most likely to lose them to your competitor. Thus, it is extremely significant to connect with your prospects by conveying the right message at the right time.

Once you have created a personalized list of your prospects and customers, it’s time to send them a personalized invitation.

The most generic invitation involving “I’d like to add you to my professional network” has the potential to not only represent you as a lazy and lethargic professional but also get you blocked or flagged as a spammer which ultimately limits you from sending more invitations in the future.

A clear and personalized LinkedIn invitation proves to be an effective way of approaching and communicating with your prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Start off by introducing yourself followed by how you found the person, why you want to connect and what value would you bring to the person after becoming their connection.

Here’s what you can do… Upon finding a prospect, open his or her profile and try to find something personal that you can mention in your invitation or search some interest that you both share to use as a way to get the ball rolling and start a conversation.

I usually don’t like to mention anything professional simply because people are not expecting it. By asking your prospects about their interests, passions and hobbies outside of work, you are basically building a relationship with them, which is important to win their trust.

Reverse Engineering

Apart from connecting with the prospects through invitations, you can also share valuable content that explains your expertise and skills on a specific product or service.

Too many people make the common mistake of using the traditional approach on LinkedIn, which entails sales-related efforts and forced interactions. However, try reverse engineering this for more leads and overall success.

In the reverse engineering approach, you don’t aggressively promote. Instead, create content on a topic that interests your customers and prospects while highlighting your skills.

Make sure the content is high-quality, has a compelling title and case studies illustrating your point. Finish it off with a CTA to your links to drive interests of your prospects to your work and instantly hook them in.

The two most important things this type of content achieves:

  • It represents you as an expert on the topic you’ve shared with the users, which makes a lot of people interested in you and your work.
  • It boosts your business leads. For example, when a group member goes through your content and finds it useful, he or she is more inclined to connect and work with you.

2. Build a network and use search

LinkedIn is a huge social network that has millions of users, and with so many users, it’s challenging to be discovered on the platform. Well, you can do this by building a deep and wide network of connections. Of course, you want to strive for quality over quantity, but that doesn’t mean you should not look to grow your potential audience over time.

Once you have built a valuable and large network, you can leverage the platform’s search functionality. You can use the LinkedIn network to search former employees of the company who may give you insight into the company’s culture, workload or anything else you are looking for. You can even use it to connect to the current employees of the company to build an off-LinkedIn relationship.

You can even LinkedIn in the reverse situation – if you are recruiting. If you are indecisive about a candidate and find out that one of your connections know him/her, you can leverage the opportunity to know a brief history of the potential candidate and thus make the final decision.

3. Create Powerful Events

Just like you host campaigns and events on Facebook, LinkedIn also allows you to organize powerful events to build your business. It has an events platform that enables you to target hundreds of prospects for absolutely free.

If you are one of those businesses who organize several events every so often, LinkedIn events platform is an ideal way of promoting your business. Whenever one of your connections RSVPs to your event, it appears on the home profile of everyone connected to your connection, thus promoting the event for you.

4. Be consistently active

LinkedIn is just a platform to use when you have something specific coming up. Just like any other social media network, it is extremely useful to remain consistently active on LinkedIn even when you don’t have anything specific.

Keep in touch with your connections and let them know how you’re doing and what are you up to lately. You can even share valuable content to bring the attention of new users and prospects to your business, building a wider network.

5. LinkedIn Endorsements

If you have been in touch with LinkedIn, you’d probably know that LinkedIn has recently launched a new LinkedIn endorsements feature. According to a recent news, it has been reported that the network has given more than 200 million endorsements since the feature has been launched.

This new feature can offer a profound thumps-up visual bulletin board from your connections for the expertise you have listed in your profile. You can give or receive any number of endorsements anytime which will appear in your newsfeed, resulting in more visibility.


These tips are written to help you understand why LinkedIn is considered as a powerful social network for growing your business. LinkedIn has come a long way since its inception and people have been flocking to LinkedIn like there’s no tomorrow!

Today, it offers numerous ways to connect with useful makers, promote your business and attract leads. Make sure you are relatively active on LinkedIn and continue to expand your network.

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