LinkedIn Restructures “Endorsements” with More Relevant, Data-Focused Features



“LinkedIn will also use machine learning and its own data to ask users to endorse the connections they are closest with.”

In 2012, LinkedIn introduced us to “Endorsements” to allow your connections the chance to recognize you for your skills and expertise. Four years later, LinkedIn is re-thinking the value of these Endorsements to make them even more relevant, useful, and important to our profiles, and the platform overall.

According to LinkedIn, “people with at least five skills listed on their LinkedIn profile receive up to 17x more profile views.” And since 2012, over 10 billion endorsements were shared by connections, which, on average, is a bit more than 22 endorsements for each of LinkedIn’s 450 million users.

Featuring important people within your Endorsements section

One of the changes coming to Endorsements is smarter highlighting of endorsements that are likely to matter more to the viewer. This means viewers will see endorsements from mutual connections, co-workers, or influential users in that particular skill.

Targeting connections who truly know your work

LinkedIn will also use machine learning and its own data to ask users to endorse the connections they are closest with. LinkedIn recommends listing your strengths in order of what you want to highlight the most. This way, LinkedIn will better understand which skills you care more about, and can target users that relate to those same skills or related ones.

If you’re on the job-hunt, this is a simple yet important step to take, especially since “more than 33 percent of hiring managers spend more than 60 seconds browsing your skills and endorsements,” (via LinkedIn). LinkedIn is quickly becoming a well-rounded destination for job-seekers. A place to showcase your skills, your work, your writing, and everything in between.

Beyond individual users on LinkedIn, it continues to be a dominant force for businesses too. Our story “5 Ways Brands Can Maximize the Value of LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool” has some useful tips, and at Social Media Week London this past September, we heard one of the conference’s most popular speakers, Jason Miller, LinkedIn’s Global Content Marketing Leader, discuss how marketers can “achieve content marketing ROI” which you can watch by signing up for SMW Insider, our live and on-demand video platform.

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