Why Connecting with Live Moments Drives Greater Impact for Brands



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Aaron Goldman, CMO at 4C sat down with Jared Silverman (Associate Director, Resolution Media) and Tommy Filippone (Brand Partnership, Twitter) during Social Media Week Chicago in order to discuss how people are engaging with live moments through multi-screening and what brands can do to capitalize on these trends.

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What’s happening on Twitter in terms of consumer trends?

According to Filippone, the ones who find value for Twitter use it for news consumption. “90% of people that use Twitter on a daily basis are individuals that are using it for news. We’ve changed how we’re classified on the iOS app store from a social networking app to a news app. It’s more around consumption of news and real time events.” As a result of this change, the imperative for brands to capitalize on that behavior is to focus on conversational based targeting. “You have to start thinking about how your messaging and strategy needs to change,” advises Silverman.

How are brands and marketers taking advantage of the “live-ness” of Twitter?

Filippone and Silverman have the answer. “A lot of brands are using as social as the first to introduce their message. First, it used to be TV, but social can become the vehicle to drive that overarching strategy,“ says Silverman. Filippone also adds, “A lot of my clients will start with social, get the data from there, and that will inform their broader media strategy.”

How can brands use live and real time to become smarter marketers?

Silverman mentions the importance of having an action plan in place, so that brands are able to understand what’s happening on real time and act on it. “You have to have an action plan in place for every eventuality,” says Silverman. “There’s also events you can plan for like NBA finals or Elections. You have to decide whether or not your audience would want you to take part in it,” adds Filippone.

What marketers can learn from the 2016 presidential U.S election?

According to Goldman, social media did not get the election wrong. “Trump knew his audience very well. He knew what they wanted to hear and he gave it to them. He wasn’t afraid to alienate the people who weren’t in his audience. That’s a lesson for marketers,” says Goldman.

“If you have a broad audience that you’re trying to appeal to, then you probably don’t want to take the Trump strategy because it’s not worth offending the other half. On the other hand, if you have a really niche product, go for it.”

Social media data can be a great barometer for understanding your audience, but the key is to understand what the data is telling you and strip away the noise. That way, you can determine the big signals in these data sets.

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