IBM Watson is Leading the Cognitive Business Shift in Marketing



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“We are in an era of extreme disruption,” said Carolyn Calzavara, Partner Engagement Manager at IBM Watson. “The biggest taxi company (Uber) owns no cars, the largest hospitality company (Airbnb) owns no real estate, the largest retailer (Alibaba) carries no inventory, and the biggest content provider (Facebook) produces no content.”

At this Social Media Week Chicago session, Carolyn mentioned how this disruption is being fueled by three forces:

  1. The proliferation of different types of data.
  2. The ability to build business in code with the API economy.
  3. The powerful capabilities and outcomes brought on by cognitive computing.

“These three forces together really speak to the changes occurring to our world today in terms of business. Taking these forces together enable innovation and transformation.”

Carolyn discussed the new partnership between humans and technology, and how IBM’s Watson displays human like characteristics, like learning and interaction. We also heard from Ryan Detert, CEO of Influential, who spoke about how his company uses IBM Watson for social media marketing.

Ryan mentioned how Influential uses Watson to bridge the gap between organic and programmatic influencer marketing. Using IBM Watson, he showed us how Influential creates brand health analysis, creative strategy, media planning, influencer casting, brand safety, and real-time optimization.

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