How to Use Social Media to Impact Buyer Behavior and the Customer Journey



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Success in today’s digital world depends on how your social media is innovating your brand experience and having top notch customer experience online. In this session, VP of Customer at Hootsuite Kirsty Traill took the Social Media Week Chicago stage to discuss about how customer experience via social can drive success.

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What is the state of customer experience?

The state of customer experience currently is about how to power your organization to optimize the customer experience and ultimately how to measure success. Currently, so many companies are not able to marry the offline experience with the online experience. There are so many that have not nailed the online, offline, experience. We’re all looking for that kind of customer experience.

“The ease and accessibility of the internet has increased our expectation of immediacy.” We’re in an era of unimagined disruption. Social is the most persuasive experience of all time. Traill shared these great facts that 90% of 18-29 are on social media, 71% adults are on Facebook and 1 billion people are logging into Facebook every day. “Technological disruption is fueling a fundamental cultural shift.”

We’re now at a point that social media accounts have eclipsed the amount of email accounts. “Customers don’t see departments; they see one brand.” We all agree that customer experience is incredibly important. 92% of companies say their customers experience is one of their top priorities.

Focus on delivering the ultimate customer experience. 61% of companies are not responding to tweets – customers spend 21% more money when they receive a good customer experience. Everything is important that your company puts out on social.

Social marketing is the leveraging of social platforms to build brand awareness, generate leads and engage customers. Social selling is using social media to identify and engage prospects and customers, at the right time in their journey and in order to build and nurture relationships, you need to do these three things:

  • Empower your sales reps to share your story
  • Engage your prospects in valuable relationships
  • Explore new social channels

Mailchimp had a goal of empowering their support team to resolve customer support inquiries on social media. Their plan was to streamline team and workflow while tracking activities in consolidated platforms. They also assigned customer inquiries to appropriate team members to ensure a closed loop. The result was 100% customer inquiry resolution rate.

What is a MRM?

MRM means ‘meaningful relationship moment’, a social media interaction with a customer, prospect, or community member that results in an observable change in sentiment or behavior. For example, around Valentine’s Day, the team at Hyatt hotels finds messages online that are about surprising loved ones and the Hyatt team puts chocolates, flowers and champagne in some of the rooms where they are staying for that extra offline customer experience – they’re able to create online and offline moments (MRM’s) of utter and surprise that drive the brand loyalty.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social touches every part of your customer journey, it is imperative to map out for offline and online customer experience to make sure you are engaging your customers throughout the journey
  • Empower and make sure your teams are leveraging throughout the organization – providing training on brand voice, how to engage with customers and social media standards
  • Align your customers experience (CX) objectives to your business objectives

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