7 Ideas to Get Your Business Started on Instagram Stories



Ever since Instagram added “Stories” to their platform, we’ve seen individuals and brands create engaging and unique content that only lasts 24 hours. But just because the content is ephemeral, doesn’t mean the impact it has on your business or customers has to be too.


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Instagram has over 600 million monthly active users, standing out from the rest can be quite a tough task. In my last post, I covered 5 Tools To Supercharge Your Instagram Posts, and now we’ll explore some ways to use Instagram Stories for your business.

1. Special Offers

Nearly a third of online shoppers, (31%) say they are using social media channels to browse for new items to buy. With Instagram being 8% of them, there’s still a great chance of gaining sales from your Instagram Marketing efforts.

To improve your chance of gaining sales on this platform, you should utilize Instagram Stories by providing special offers specific for those who follow you. By doing this, your followers will be feel “lucky” and more likely to purchase from you.

When Instagram officially releases the ability to include clickable links in Instagram Stories to the public, promoting your special offers with a clickable link could result in many successful sales.

2. Product Sneak Peaks

If you’re launching a new product and/or service, your customers would most likely be interested to know more. Why not share an exclusive sneak peak with those who follow you on Instagram. This way, you can build up the hype and get them engaged wanting to keep finding out more and more. This is one sure-fire way to keep them engaged and up-to-date for when you release.

3. Behind the Scenes

People like to find out what it’s like working behind the scenes at a company, so, if you think your followers would find it interesting, go ahead and share with them! For example, if you’re a clothing company printing on caps then why not show them the process of printing for new orders. Or even, if you’re social media agency, you could show them your daily marketing tasks, curating content, connecting with others etc.

4. Daily Tips

Buffer do a brilliant job of using Instagram Stories to provide tips. Whether it being actionable social media tips or even general tips, and news. They do a great job. At the time of writing this post, Buffer published a quick story covering how Google took advantage of using Instagram’s clickable links allowing their followers to click directly to view the new “Daydream View” VR headset made by Google.

By providing daily tips and news, you’ll keep your followers coming back each day to find out something new!

5. Takeovers

Story takeovers are a great way to increase your reach, just like on Snapchat, you can do takeovers on Instagram Stories. A takeover is when an influencer or brand will take over your story for the day or a specific amount of time of which they will provide tips, news or exclusive content. In return, you could also takeover their story and reach their audience driving them back to you with a catchy CTA.

This is a great way to increase your reach and a pretty quick way to increase your follower growth depending on the other person’s audience.

6. Drive Traffic

Instagram Stories are a brilliant way to drive traffic to your website or a specific page on the web. And now with their recent update allowing users to include clickable links in their stories, you are guaranteed to get even more success if you have a great strategy in place.

Whilst these clickable links are only available to those verified accounts, Instagram will soon be releasing the feature to content creators. However, in the meantime, you can still drive traffic by mentioning shortened links in your story. Type the link out and make sure it stands out. You can use a site like for shortening your links.

Tell people why they should go to the page and what they’ll benefit from it. Make sure your CTA is very clear and catchy for the best results. You could even record your screen and showing how to access the page which may help your audience even more and do it themselves. This is a great way to get signups for an ebook or access specific content.

7. Q&A’s

Lastly, you can engage with your users by running a Q&A. Like on Twitter and Snapchat, but running it on Instagram Stories, this way you are more likely to pick up even more followers if you announce it on your other social streams. In the Q&A you could mention to click a link in your bio or if you have the Instagram clickable link feature, you could get them to click on that.

The Q&A on your story will last for 24 hours unless you download them and share them, but this will make sure those who are interested won’t want to miss out.

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