There’s a New Type of Snapchat Filter… Games?



Snapchat introduced a new type of filter, and it’s an interactive mobile game that uses your face in a style you might recognize from Jib-Jab greeting cards. Let’s see if this takes off.

Just a typical day. I tap the Snapchat app to send a quick photo to my friends. You know what, I’m feeling festive! It’s the holiday season, Snapchat has some fancy new filters for this time of year. Alright, let’s do it!

I switch to the front-facing camera, press and hold to bring up the augmented reality Lenses, and all of the sudden… a freakin’ filter game using my face appears!

Snapchat Filter Game
Snapchat Filter Game

Why games within Snapchat?

Snapchat is all about bringing people together for those everyday moments. It’s why Snapchat is so unique and different from Facebook or Instagram, where typically each and every post has to be absolutely perfect. You know, because it stays there forever.

But, games is just another way to bring friends closer together, especially since it adds a competitive component (you can share scores with others) to the app while maintaining its personalization elements (the game uses your face with augmented reality).

This game, also holiday themed, is called Santa’s Helper. Remember Jib-Jab? The online tool that uses an image of your face and places it on dancing characters, often used for greeting cards. It looks just like that format, but you can change your face in real time. It’s a bit distracting and difficult to play the game while recording a video, but I’m sure those Millennial and Gen-Z users can figure it out without missing a step.

Brands and Snapchat Filter Games

We’ve seen Snapchat experiment with games, and even branded games, in the past. Those were not as native or robust as Santa’s Helper though. There was a sponsored Kraft game where you caught noodles in your mouth (“IT WAS THE MOST FUN EVER” said nobody). There was also a game for tennis superstar Serena Williams in Snapchat, as well as one for NFL quarterback Cam Newton.

Expect to see more games and unique ways of bringing Snapchat users together. Brands will eagerly want to work with Snapchat since users are interacting directly with their brand, rather than fighting their browser to exit a full-page banner ad. The more fun and ways for users to create and share content through Snapchat, the more we’ll see brands willing to pay big bucks to get their name and products at the front of the page… er, the screen.

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