Edelman Digital’s 2017 Trends Report



This article is brought to you by Edelman Digital. The Edelman Digital 2017 Trend Report focuses on the growing considerations that will impact brands.

2016 was a challenging year. From global economic instability, ranging from the Brexit news in Europe to the tumultuous US election – all playing out before our eyes through social media, to changing algorithms and platforms across key social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Snap Inc., to the constant innovation evolution from IoT to Virtual Reality. The complexity to connect with consumers has never been more daunting.

While a changing state of the world, technology evolution and innovation disruption are not new, the seemingly universal preoccupation with breaking new ground rather than growing the bottom-line seems to be. In the coming year, marketers should take pause on how and where they make their critical investments, with a laser focus on ROI.

In Edelman Digital’s 2017 Digital Trends report, you will hear from our experts on business-focused topics such as: what’s possible with Immersive Content, wearables and VR, Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Advertising, a rapidly evolving search space that now enables marketers to speak to users—not faceless queries—and affect businesses at all levels, how online video and ad blocking is creating an influencer (r)evolution, how recent advances in data & targeting—enabling true user-focused experiences across devices and throughout the digital & physical realms—are ushering in a new era of media performance where reach and efficiency are no longer diametrically opposed outcomes, and the increasing proliferation of Blockchain technology and how it will soon affect day-to-day business.

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