Why Pins are More Important than Boards on the Pinterest Platform



“People are discovering content through their home feed and through search.”


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Pinterest is unlike many other social platforms; it really isn’t about social networking or communication. “It’s more about ‘me’ time,” according to Raashi Rosenberger, Creative and Brand Strategist at Pinterest.

“When someone saves content on Pinterest, they’re not doing it because they think that’s the persona that other people want to see, they’re doing it because that’s genuinely what’s interesting to them.”

At Social Media Week Chicago back in November, Rosenberger explained how our brains are being rewired as a result of our digital world. “Our brains continue to shift and evolve based on the digital media we consume, and because of this, marketers need to figure out how to tap into these changes.”

So, if you’re a marketer or brand that wants to get started on Pinterest, what’s the best way to do so? Rosenberger says “people discover content through their home feed and through search.” This makes Pins more important than Boards when you’re getting started on Pinterest.

Rosenberger breaks this down a bit further in the video below, and if you want to watch the full session, make sure to sign up for SMW Insider.

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