“PRIMO” is 1-Click Shopping, but for Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime

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Up until now you were able to buy things online or in store, but PRIMO wants you to buy anything, anywhere immediately.

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Amazon revolutionized shopping in so many ways, but perhaps most notably is the 1-click checkout feature. So, why doesn’t this shopping format exist in more places? And not just online, but offline in the physical world too?

Enter PRIMO, “an app that allows you to buy things worldwide by scanning a PRIMO Tag or clicking a PRIMO Link in Instagram/Facebook. PRIMO Tags can be embedded in a print or digital picture, video, or on an actual product,” (via Product Hunt).

According its founder, Abasa Phillips, “merchants can now monetize their advertising by allowing their customers to buy directly through an ad. Imagine buying an iPhone 7 through a commercial with 1 tap. Or shopping at IKEA and avoiding all the lines. The app is the POS, making the world a store.”

Of course, there are several other tools for this such as Like2Buy, Have2Have.It and Spreesy, as well as shoppable photos that are native within Instagram, but PRIMO wants to build a product from the ground up for the smartphone era.

Here’s what PRIMO looks like on Facebook and Instagram.


Interesting fact about PRIMO’s origin story? Abasa Phillips mentioned he watched a Michael Jackson documentary in 2003 where MJ was shopping by pointing his finger at products, and his people handled the rest in the background. Abasa said, “someday I want to make something that allows everyone to shop like that.”

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Tyler Becker

Director of Content, Social Media Week


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