People Are Using Snapchat Spectacles in Some Pretty Interesting Ways

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Not just a marketing stunt: early adopters of Spectacles are proving that when it comes to Snap Inc.’s popular wearable, there is more than meets the eye.

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Snap Inc. seems to have millennials–what’s more, Gen Alpha–on lock. Look no further than their brilliant marketing strategy to develop a teen-friendly wearable at a relatively low cost ($130).

Everything about the promotion for Spectacles seemed to be catered to young people: an intriguing and mysterious launch strategy, futuristic vending machines and a series of fun and funky colors to allow for self-expression. It was the antithesis of Google Glass’ high-brow launch that courted tech insiders while completely bypassing young influentials.

Yet while millennials and teens are doing their part to drive buzz in their everyday lives, early adopters are proving that the lenses are more than a mere marketing stunt. Here are a few clever and interesting ways that people are using Spectacles today:

The doctor who used Spectacles to record a surgical tutorial for medical students

Dr. Shafi Ahmed recently turned a routine hernia repair surgery into a live teaching moment by posting a series of 10-second clips for his students to observe. We just hope the London-based doctor removed the light-blocking lenses before getting in there.

The optical companies who are offering low-cost prescription lenses for Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles are true sunglasses, made to be worn outdoors. But what if you want to record video inside, or in places where sunglasses just don’t make sense? A handful of optical companies have made it possible to order prescription lenses for your Spectacles at an affordable cost.

The NHL hockey team that is using Spectacles to give fans behind-the-scenes access

The social media manager for the Minnesota Wild is using Spectacles to give fans a sneak peak at warmups and player interviews, which makes you wonder if first-person video originating from the players themselves could form the future of sports broadcasting.

The employer that is using Snapchat Spectacles to win over millennials

Citi is using Spectacles to share “day in the life” style content with would-be employees via the company’s Snapchat account. From a business standpoint, Spectacles could be a creative way to provide an inside look at company culture in a refreshed format.

While brand usage of Spectacles remains nascent, it won’t be long until an intrepid creative teams finds a way to hack the product in an interesting and totally disruptive way. Of course, until then, Spectacles represent yet another tool in a marketer’s toolkit when it comes to offering up immersive social video experiences catered to Snapchat’s 150 million people-strong user-base.

In November 2016 at Social Media Week in Chicago, we heard from Anna Russet, a digital influencer and strategist for Havas, who explored the future of Snapchat and lessons she has learned about its users. You can watch the full session by signing up for our live and on-demand video platform, SMW Insider.

Katie Perry

Contributor, Social Media Week

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