Snapchat is adding a powerful search feature to its app



Snapchat’s new universal search box will make a few things easier to navigate within the app.

The next time you update and open Snapchat, it might have a new feature you’ll be thankful for.

A new “universal” search bar will allow you to navigate the app to find everything from friends and groups, to publishers on Discover and public threads within Our Stories. The search bar will always be accessible at the top of the app (via TechCrunch).

It will likely function similar to the universal search on iPhones, which help you quickly find apps, conversations, emails, and other important information from one central search bar via the home screen.

Before you even type anything into the search bar, Snapchat will recommend your top friends and groups for easy navigation so that you can jump from one chat to the next without scrolling or tapping endlessly. Many people don’t use Snapchat due to its tricky UI, so this might help out the older users unwilling to learn the apps interface.

Snapchat, by most, is not considered a social platform or social network. Instead, it touts itself as a visual communications app. This new search bar might make it easier for users to find new accounts to follow, but it’s still focused on creating meaningful 1-to-1 and private group conversations.

In November 2016 at Social Media Week in Chicago, we heard from Anna Russet, a digital influencer and strategist for Havas Chicago, who explored the future of Snapchat and lessons she has learned about its users. You can watch the full session by signing up for our live and on-demand video platform, SMW Insider.

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