5 Reasons Being a Millennial is Beneficial for Your Career



The millennials are a results-driven generation. They are focused on their achievements and know what to do to get better results.

You can easily understand the criticism people have for the generation of millennials. They spend hours per day on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Oh, let’s not forget TV shows. Whenever there’s a new show trending, they have to watch it. Then, they join endless Reddit discussions regarding the show. It seems like their sole interest is wasting time with useless activities.

That’s only a mask, though. Behind it, you’ll find witty, intelligent people with the extreme capacity to develop new skills and interests. Isn’t that what employers are looking for?

In reality, millennials have great skills and learn new things every single day. Historians William Strauss and Neil Howe predicted that millennials would emerge as a generation with a great sense of civic duty and optimism. Some psychologists are not that optimistic; they believe that this generation is more about self-esteem and less about achievements.

One thing is for certain: we can’t make universal claims about a whole generation. You may belong to the generation of millennials, and that means you have one of its strongest characteristics: individuality.

Are you wondering why it’s great to be a millennial? Basically, you can become whatever you decide to be. The competition for every career is getting stronger than ever, but so are your skills and talents. Here are 5 reasons why you should be happy about being part of this generation:

1. You Pay Attention to Your Mental and Physical Health

The fact that millennials are the most stressed generation ever doesn’t go to their advantage. However, the good thing is that they are making mental health less of a taboo. They are talking about their problems and they are seeking for solutions.

This is a generation of meditation, self-help talk, and real solutions. Moreover, they are also mindful about their physical health and the way food and exercise are connected with their wellbeing.

YouTube stars are talking about anxiety and motivating their followers to make real changes. Sure, this is a generation of problems. More than everything, however, the millennials are a generation of solutions.

How is that related to career success, you might ask? The more mindful you are about  your inner state of being, the better you are at solving personal issues. You’re worried about becoming healthier and complete as a person. Your efforts result with greater focus and resilience at the workplace. Employers know that. That’s why they are happy to hire millennials.

2. You Understand Technology

Catherine Moore, a career expert from Careers Booster, explains that this is one of the greatest advantages millennials have during the hiring process.

“Not more than a decade ago, we were seeing only MS Word, Excel and Internet in the technical skills and competencies part of a resume. Now, those skills are below average. Millennials evolved and continue to evolve together with technology. They get it. That’s why this generation is important for any organization’s growth.”

You don’t know how to live without your iPad? Well, that’s not a bad thing. You’ll need to use technology for most modern jobs, so your ability to use advanced technology is a huge advantage.

3. You Can Blend In

Millennials are the generation of communication. They are part of a huge online community that’s open to all races and cultures. They can join a Reddit thread and feel at home within minutes. The same thing happens when they enter a new office.

The people of this generation were growing up in an era with universal human rights. They have an ability to understand the struggles of other nations. Their broad vision is exactly what employers are looking for.

4. You’re Driven by Results

You went through a reformed educational system that provided a quick evaluation of your knowledge and skills. You’ve been taking online tests that immediately showed the scores. You’ve been part of intensive games and sports and you pushed yourself to deliver the best results. When you’re playing games, you’re seeing the scores. When you take online courses, you keep track of your progress.

The millennials are a results-driven generation. They are focused on their achievements and know what to do to get better results. That’s the business spirit, right there.

5. Millennials Are Marketing Wunderkinds

Even if you’re not a marketing expert, you’re still building a personal brand through your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. You carefully choose the content you share, and you take great photos that trigger reactions. You know how blogging works, and you understand what content young people are interested to read. In other words – you get what marketing is all about.

This is a valuable skill for any kind of job you’re after. The fact that you know how to attract people on social media speaks tons about your communication skills.

Another quality of millennials is their ability to recognize their own skills and be fully aware of them. They are the center of economic prosperity and know how to monetize their skills.

Of course, we’re talking about the best representatives of the generation. Needless to say, not every millennial has those qualities. However, the sole fact of being born as a millennial gives you advantages over older generations. Use it well! Work on your skills as much as possible, and you’ll definitely reach success.

At Social Media Week Chicago, some of Forbes’ 30-Under-30 Honorees took the stage to share their lessons and learnings as Millennial entrepreneurs. You can read the recap from that event here, or you can watch the full video by signing up for SMW Insider, our live and on-demand video platform.

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