Facebook introduces “Job Posts” for Pages to easily find and hire new employees



If you’re a Page Admin, you can create a job post and manage applications within Facebook. You’ll be able to contact them directly on Messenger too.


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According to Facebook, 40% of small businesses in the United States say filling jobs is more difficult than they expected.

To help businesses find talent, manage applications, and ultimately hire people faster (possibly straight from their direct audience), Facebook is introducing a new type of post: Job Openings.

This new type of post is for actual job listings, and individuals can even apply for the opportunity all within Facebook. The feature is initially available to Pages in the United States and Canada, and Pages will have be a dedicated “Jobs” bookmark alongside others on their Page (i.e. Photos, Videos, About, Events, Offers, etc).

This new experience, says Facebook, will help businesses find qualified people where they’re already spending their timeā€”on Facebook and on mobile. Take a look at what “Job Posts” look like from the sample page featured in the video below:


Creating Job Posts, Managing Applications, and Finding Jobs

If you’re a Page Admin, you can create a job post and manage applications within Facebook. You’ll be able to contact them directly on Messenger too. Job posts can also be promoted to reach more people, so Facebook can make some money off this new post type too.

For applicants, applying is very easy since your information is pre-populated and only requires a few clicks to submit your details.

There’s even a new “Jobs” section with Facebook if you go to Once there, you can search by location, industry, and job type. Currently, the industries include: Real Estate, Local Business, Beauty, Restaurant/Cafe, Company, Non-Profit Organization, Professional Service, Education, Consulting Agency, and Shopping/Retail.

Facebook vs. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is one of the leaders for job-seekers to find and apply for open positions, and for hiring managers and recruiters to discover talent. LinkedIn primarily attracts medium and high skilled roles and individuals, whereas Facebook might be targeting a different type of job-seeker, such as lower-skilled individuals or part-time workers (see above list of industries that are searchable on Facebook’s new Jobs section”.

LinkedIn has a massive head start on its job offering, which allows users to see relevant information such as the profile of the recruiter, salary info, company profiles, recent news, and much more. Facebook is just getting started with their Jobs efforts, so it will be interesting to see if this is something that will become more important over time, or another failed experiment with all the right intentions (i.e. Facebook Marketplace).

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Image Credit: TechCrunch

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