Facebook might replace your favorite weather app



Another part of your day Facebook wants to own. We’ll see if they succeed.

As I sit working from home on a very snowy, cold day here in New York, I check the latest weather news and updates in a variety of ways. I could ask my Google Home when the snow will stop. I could open The Weather Channel app on my iPhone’s home screen to check the temperature. I could tap the weather icon on my Apple Watch to get a quick glance.

But, all of these might be replaced by the app I open up to start my day… Facebook.

Currently available in iOS, a fully functional weather app is built into the Facebook app. Soon enough, it will be available on all devices and operating systems. Facebook may not be the same for everyone, but for me and many others, it’s my personalized newspaper I read every day to read articles, watch videos, get updates from friends, and sometimes plan my weekend through Events.

If this is the first app I open every day, I might just use it for weather too, especially if it’s presented in an easy-to-consume format, and most of all, if it’s accurate. Here’s a screenshot of today’s weather forecast in New York via Facebook’s Weather section in iOS.


As Napier Lopez points out on The Next Web, Facebook could make this even more useful if they add features from other weather apps, such as alerts for when it might rain, or clothing recommendations based on the temperature, or even a simple GIF that displays the weather in temperature in your Slack group.

Either way, this is just another part of your day Facebook wants to own. We’ll see if they succeed.

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