February’s edition of #SMW17 is here! Learn how to stream #SMWNYC live



February’s edition of #SMW17 has officially begun! Here’s how to watch #SMWNYC live.

#SMW17 has officially begun in Hamburg (#SMWHH), Lagos (#SMWLagos), and New York (#SMWNYC), as well as our participating SMWi cities: SMWi Atlanta (#SMWiATL), SMWi Austin (#SMWiAustin), and SMWi Copenhagen (#SMWCPH).

Over the course of this week, thousands of people on three different continents will come together to explore the future of communication through various events, talks, interviews, and conversations. This week also marks the first conference of 2017 that will dive into our global theme, “Language and the Machine: Algorithms and the Future of Communication.”

If you want to follow online, use each city’s hashtag, and if you want to watch #SMWNYC from the comfort of your home, office, or even your mobile device, sign up on SMW Insider.

SMW Insider gets you access to this week’s events featuring some of the world’s leading brands, such as Facebook, Instagram, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, National Geographic, MTV, Giphy, Bitly, and The Atlantic.

Throughout the week, you’ll learn about the latest trends and best practices in media and technology, including:

  • How to navigate today’s major social platforms
  • Data marketing, A/B testing, and social analytics
  • Paid media strategy and audience building
  • Video content, advertising, and distribution
  • Publishing, storytelling, and content marketing
  • Millennials and the future of work
  • Mobile and ephemeral messaging
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • AI, Chatbots, and machine learning

View the #SMWNYC schedule here, and get ready for a week of incredible events. It’s time to become an expert by learning from the experts, and we hope you will join us around the globe to participate in conversations throughout this edition of Social Media Week.

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