Use This Free Service Agreement Template for Your Next Freelance Project



Seventy percent of freelancers have been stiffed by a client. Protect yourself with this free and intuitive contract.

If you’re one of the 55 million Americans who comprise the independent workforce, you know that drafting up service agreements is perhaps the least glamorous part of a gig. But as it turns out, it’s also quite possibly the most important.

According to The Freelancer’s Union, an advocacy group that strives to make freelancing better now and in the future, 70 percent of independent workers say they’ve been stiffed by a client. For that reason, the group helped push through the Freelance Isn’t Free Act last fall—a landmark piece of legislation that will be enacted in May.

Building on this momentum, the self-employment utility app AND CO has partnered with the Freelancer’s Union to develop a customizable service agreement template designed to help protect independent workers as they kick off new engagements. The Freelance Contract is completely free to use via the AND CO website and app.

Why a standard contract? AND CO co-founder Leif Abraham explains that standard forms help eliminate back-and-forth, freeing up time on both sides of the table.

“When the agreement has been vetted and a certain norm is established, it creates trust that the document is not leaning to one or the other side and it’s not just same made up contract from the freelancer,” he said in a blog post. “This trust in the document to start with makes it easier to sign, helping to start new work relationships quicker.”

Freelancers, business owners and other independent workers can read early reviews on Product Hunt.

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