What happens when you open 100 Google Chrome tabs?



It doesn’t seem worth it.

Browsing the web on mobile devices is a daily occurrence for many of us. Sometimes, we search the web and click on so many links that our tabs become a bit uncontrollable. It happens to the best of us.

Reddit user Jacklesz just discovered a tiny, adorable easter egg on the mobile version of Google Chrome. If you open 100 tabs, a cute, little :D appears instead of a number! Awww…

Now you know what happens on the rare chance you’ve ever thought about this dilemma. Google isn’t afraid to drop a few surprises and easter eggs throughout their products and services. In fact, Google wasn’t even supposed to be spelled the way it is today. It was supposed to be Googol. Here are 25 other facts about Google you might be surprised to read.

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