How to easily hide comments and reactions on Facebook Live videos



You don’t need to watch live videos on Facebook with an onslaught of comments and reaction emojis.


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Live Video is one of Facebook’s biggest initiatives at the moment. They want live video to be a fun, powerful way to connect with friends and followers, and help businesses build new audiences. Even though it’s still in its infancy, most live broadcasts on Facebook are coming from publishers and news outlets.

Facebook recently made six updates to its live video experience, including the ability to go live via desktop, contributors, insights, and more. However, despite these updates, and the incredible investment (time and money) Facebook is putting into live video, there is still one issue people experience when watching Facebook Live…

Comments and reactions flood your screen, making it difficult to see the actual video you’re watching!

But, there is a very easy and useful way to get rid of comments and reactions on a live video, but for some reason, Facebook doesn’t seem to tell users how to do it. Perhaps they want comments and reactions to be an integral part of the live video experience, or maybe the more comments and reactions there are, the more people will see the live video in the moment.

All you need to do is swipe right while watching a live video, and you’ll enter “Video-Only Mode” which hides all comments and reactions. See the side-by-side comparison below.

Facebook Live Video
Facebook Live Video


The “Video-Only Mode” allows users to watch a live video with no distractions. It seems ike comments and reactions make the most sense for influencers and vloggers who have loyal followings and answer questions or shoutout their followers, but many Facebook Pages are going live in a TV-style, so essentially, it’s a bit more of a one-way communication vehicle.

If you’re a marketer that is considering Facebook Live, you should know that Facebook recently announced that longer videos will be prioritized in the News Feed. Right now, this News Feed update only applies to organic videos, and will not affect paid video ad distribution.

Facebook also announced the Stories feature that Instagram took from Snapchat is coming to Facebook’s main app, and 24-hour ephemeral Stories will appear at the very top of the News Feed. If you remember, you can now go live on Instagram Stories, and the same format will likely come to Facebook Stories too.

At Social Media Week London, BuzzFeed’s social video and live programming team discussed how they use Facebook and other social platforms to produce live videos and original programming. You can read “BuzzFeed’s Guide to Social News and the Power of Live Video” or you can watch the full session by signing up for SMW Insider, our live and on-demand video platform.

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