Reddit announces “popular” subreddits as replacement for default subreddits



“Later this year we will improve this experience so that when you make a new account, you will have an improved subscription experience, which won’t mass subscribe you to the original 50 defaults.”

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At the beginning of the new year, Reddit’s leadership team announced its plans to update the site’s desktop experience and front page that greets users.

Reddit’s CEO, Steve Huffman, said:

“It is a long time coming. The desktop website has not meaningfully changed in many years; it is not particularly welcoming to new users (or old for that matter); and still runs code from the earliest days of Reddit over ten years ago. We know there are implications for community styles and various browser extensions. This is a massive project, and the transition is going to take some time.

This project’s initial step is here, and the first result is a “popular” section that aims to give users a better way of getting started and exploring the social network. The list of “popular” subreddits will be automated over time, but in its early stages, the list will be refreshed and maintained by the Reddit team.

This is most notable for logged-out users and people without Reddit accounts that still browse the site (ahem, lurkers). If you don’t have an account, you’ll see “popular” as the default landing page. The full, official announcement from Steve Huffman is below:

Introducing “popular” from modnews

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