How Social Video is Poised to Become Even More Powerful in 2017



“What is surprising after all these years, however, is the true staying power that social video has.”

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The fact that video as a medium is a powerful marketing tool isn’t exactly the world’s best-kept secret. As reported on by HubSpot, it’s already something that 87% of online video content marketers use on a regular basis. It’s something that 22% of all small businesses in the United States plan on implementing within the next 12 months.

It increases everything from user interaction to engagement and it can also have a positive impact on the other elements in your campaign, too. According to a recent study, even just including a video on a landing page can increase your overall conversion rates by an incredible 80%.

None of this surprising. What IS surprising, however, is that video is still in its nascent stages. It’s continuing to grow and evolve as a communications tool and is poised to become even more powerful and effective than it already is over the course of the next year. How, you ask?

It’s time for you to learn a little bit more about social video.

What is Social Video?

Social video is simply video content that is designed to be seen and shared through social networks. It allows you to combine the might of video marketing and social media marketing into a single concept, essentially, boiling each down into their essentials and using them to forge something completely new.

Part of the reason why this is so effective is because it solves a lot of different problems all at the same time. Why do so many people skip video ads on their computers? Because they’re essentially TV ads crammed onto a desktop or laptop screen. People use computers with a different mindset than the one that they have when they watch their favorite movie or TV show. It’s a totally different experience. Social video lets you use that experience to your advantage.

Social video is also effective precisely because it can be optimized for different channels. With the right design, you can re-edit a video designed for Facebook to work more effectively on Instagram – or vice versa – taking the unique user bases of your desired networks into consideration.

“What works on Facebook might not work on, say, Twitter” said Oleg Calugher of Temok. “Everyone is looking for something a little different on social media and now, it’s possible to cater to ALL of them at the same time.”

It’s malleable. It’s engaging. It’s creative. It’s the hottest marketing trend of 2017, by far.

Social Video: Breaking It Down

Social video as a concept is one of the most important for you to pay attention to over the next year for several reasons. For starters, more social networks are in the process of deploying their own native video platforms – Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all on board.

This demonstrates its value. The social networks know this is what the users want, so they’re giving it to them across the board. Because social networking users tend to skew young, social video is also an incredible way to reach the mission-critical 18 to 33 demographic.

“Social video is great because it lets us take our message and present it to the user in terms they actually want,” said Calugher.”People actually want to learn about products and services – they just don’t want to do it in an old school model. Social video is that new school model we’ve been waiting for.”

By the numbers, however, social video is officially “king” at this point. Studies prove, 74 percent of ALL internet traffic in the next year is expected to be from video, most of it social. Facebook alone currently has 8 billion daily video views around the world, breaking down to about 100 million hours. Even Periscope users watch about 40 years’ worth of video EVERY DAY.

With stats like these, is this something you think your team can afford to ignore?

Bottom Line

As not just a marketing channel but a true communications tool and art form, you probably already knew video was powerful. It wasn’t exactly a secret, particularly as the social media phenomenon took off over the course of the last decade.

What is surprising after all these years, however, is the true staying power that social video has. Other marketing techniques have come and gone, but video seems more than worthy of standing the test of time through versatility and innovation alone.

As smartphones become more advanced, video technology itself evolves to support things like augmented reality and 4K resolutions, social video’s grip on an entire industry certainly doesn’t seem to be loosening anytime soon.

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