9 Tools to Help You Quickly Create Better Twitter Content



It can be an influential and dynamic outlet for your business if you’re able to compose engaging Tweets that connect with your followers.


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Social media can be your most successful tool and method for sharing content and connecting with the right people. Twitter has had its ups and downs, but many marketers still feel it has significant potential for social media efforts.

It can be an influential and dynamic outlet for your business if you’re able to compose engaging Tweets that connect with your followers. For help with that content, here are some useful content creation and inspiration tools:

1. Blog Topic Generator

Figuring out what to write about in the first place can sometimes pose a huge challenge. If you’ve run out of ideas or writer’s block has got you stumped, check out this tool to get some creativity flowing. Because Twitter has such strict limits on the length of what you’re posting, each and every word counts, so make them interesting and engaging.

2. Hemingway App

Don’t let any of your content go out with errors in it. Use the color-coded checker at Hemingway App to point out mistakes or to make suggestions for improvements. This tool also scores the readability of your content, so you can see how it measures up to your audience’s needs.

3. ProWritingAid

Get help as you work, with this easily downloadable resource that works right inside of your word processor. Make the most out of the limited space you have, by putting together the most compelling and well-written content, with the help of suggestions made by ProWritingAid.

4. Ginger

This powerful editing software works on your device to help turn your writing from good to great. Download it to your phone or other mobile device, so you can have its editing powers at your fingertips, for on-the-go Tweeting. Don’t let a single Tweet go out unless it’s absolutely flawlessly written.

5. Easy Word Count

Each and every character, including blank spaces, is important when you’re using Twitter. This strict limit means you’ve got to use your space wisely, and that all starts with getting an accurate count of the characters in your post. Before you go ahead and try posting, make sure what you want to say will fit into your 140 character limit, with the help of Easy Word Count.

6. Canva

You don’t have to enlist the help of a professional designer to create stunning graphics, when you’ve got this amazingly simple design software. Drag and drop features let you quickly and easily create a wide array of documents. You’ll have access to millions of images – or upload your own, photo filters, fonts and more. It’s everything you need, in one easy to use platform.

7. Creately

Sometimes a picture can really say a thousand words. When you need to explain complex ideas, or you want to simplify something, an image really can do the best job. And, with Creately, you can easily compose beautiful diagrams from scratch or start with one of 1000 pre-made templates. Twitter may limit your text characters to 140 words, but just one diagram from Creately can speak thousands.

8. ThingLink

Make your visuals stand out and get noticed, by adding in a variety of interactive annotations. Layer more than 70 different types of call to action tags throughout your images and videos to create a truly interactive and engaging experience for your audience.

9. Pablo by Buffer

With just a few clicks, you can add text to a captivating, high quality image, sized perfectly for use with Twitter. Adding your words to an image instantly makes it more eye catching, and will draw in more of your audience.

Engage your audience in 140 characters with the help of these incredible content creation tools and resources. Ensure that you’re getting the most from this powerful social media tool.

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