Do Marketers Actually Like Slack? 30+ Industry Professionals Weigh In



Slack’s real-time communication functionality is making us more efficient, but is it also driving us nuts? We asked a few professionals to share their thoughts.

I’m not going to lie: I have mixed feelings on Slack. On one hand, it keeps my email inbox in check and allows me to collaborate with colleagues more quickly. On the other hand, as someone who is in four Slack channels at the moment, it can feel a little bit like media overload. (Read: I had to shut off my notifications for the sake of my own sanity.)

I was curious if other people share my ambivalence toward the choice workplace collaboration tool at marketing and tech companies, so I asked around the industry via a quick poll of 30+ media, marketing and tech professionals.

Most of the individuals I surveyed, 78 percent, say they’ve been using the tool for more than a year. And here’s how they feel about Slack overall:

😍 (Love it!): 81%
🤔 (Ehhh, depends on the day): 16%
💩 (It’s … not good): 3%

I also asked: “If you could mandate a zero-Slack policy at your workplace, would you?” Less than 10 percent said they would, supporting the notion that most people are embracing Slack with open arms.

Here’s how a few enthusiasts are using it at their organizations:

Leif Abraham, Co-Founder & CEO, AND CO

“At AND CO, we’ve built an email-only-if-you-reallllly-have-to kind of culture. Our product is designed to improve efficiency for hard-working, self-employed people, and we carry this mantra of efficiency through to our own day-to-day business operations. Slack is woven into the fabric of everything we do: It helps us move projects along more quickly; place our Seamless orders (free lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays #FTW); and even alerts us every time a new user signs up.”

Chris Hornyak, Editor at The Content Factory

“Here at The Content Factory, Slack has been a godsend. We all work from home, so Slack gives us a bit of that ‘office’ feeling. Not only does it allow us to keep up-to-date on important client details, but it also allows us to have our own proverbial water cooler. Though, ours probably has one or two more memes than the one in your office.”

Jesse Kirshbaum, CEO, Nue Agency

“We use Slack internally and on various projects. It helps cut down on emails and organize conversation threads. In that regard, I find it very productive. Email is the devil in a business like mine when you are always on the go. It’s impossible to keep track of them all. That said, I give [Slack] one thumb up. My concerns are that I’m starting to get overloaded with conversations and chats and it’s not easy to manage and erase threads. I’m also worried about privacy issues. But for right now, it’s my go-to.”

Matt Desiena, Director of Content, TBWA\Chiat\Day NY

“I love Slack. Love. It’s probably what Google Wave wanted to be all those years ago, but the UX is much better and third-party integration (G-Suite, Giphy, IFTTT) is seamless. Also, I love that creative feedback on small projects can be condensed and visualized in a way that email never really allowed.”

Taylor Crane, Associate Director of Product, Originate

“I love Slack as a product. It’s a great tool for real-time communication. And it definitely increases productivity across the board. My challenges with Slack aren’t with the product itself, rather how people are using it. For example, Slack is not meant for asynchronous communication, so we shouldn’t be using it for that. If you need me soon, message me. If you need me to read something at some point in the future, email me. I also recommend adjusting your notification settings. If you get notified every single time anybody says anything in any channel, you certainly won’t know when someone actually needs your attention. Finally, Slack isn’t a chat room. I appreciate when people can put cohesive thoughts into one message.”

Sid Bharath, VP of Growth, Thinkific

“I love Slack as it gives me an easy way not just to coordinate with my team, but also to network with other professionals around the world using public Slack groups. I’ve made connections with countless other entrepreneurs and marketers that have resulted in mutually beneficial co-marketing campaigns and partnerships to grow our business. It’s like a conference on steroids!”

Jenay Sellers, Director of Marketing, Brandfolder

“I couldn’t imagine life without [Slack]. My favorite things: the Slack mobile app and the Slack App Store. I love the mobile app because I can receive important communications around the clock. And unlike email, I get push notifications delivered in real-time, right to my phone. The App Store is full of bots and integrations that make me better at my job. I can keep tabs on lead flow, customer support, stripe transactions, and even usage data about our own Brandfolder. Slack puts everything I need in one place.”

Danny Garcia, Marketing Operations Manager, Stacklist

“Slack is one of the most used tools in businesses and startups! 70% of startups use Slack for their internal communication because it’s amazing. It’s a great product that acts as a knowledge base and communication channel for teams. There are a bunch of integrations available that allow you to do work from Slack and get updates on your company and support tickets. The variety of bots and integrations that Slack offers make it insanely fun. Although, it does get messy when a business scales since there will be a lot of different channels and updates.”

Hannah Britton, Team Member, Emergent Network Defense

“I work in a distributed team with members all over the U.S. and Europe. Slack has taken away many of our frustrations with email: messages aren’t lost in the mix, and we have channels for particular topics relevant to specific team members. I also like how it keeps my work instant-messaging out of my personal messaging platforms like texting and social media. It brings us all together in one place, while being thousands of miles apart.”

Ken Beasley, Director of Marketing, Push10

“I find Slack to be an incredibly useful tool in the office. There are countless instances during a single workday where I might be in need of a one or two word answer to a question, or need to put a document or piece of creative in front of someone’s eyes right away for approval, and Slack allows for the immediacy. Also, to be honest, we do use it for letting off steam as well, and being able to easily share photos, links and lunch plans helps to support a pleasant working atmosphere.”

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