Shut Down the Trolls! Twitter Adds More Advanced Muting Features



New updates from Twitter are here to help you to take control of your timeline by blocking specific keywords and even anonymous users.

If you’ve ever tweeted out a political statement or article, or if you—ahem—happen to share the name of a famous celebrity, than you know how annoying it can be to pore through a cascade of @mentions fired off at you by unidentified “eggs.”

For those who aren’t familiar, Twitter users who do not upload a profile picture are represented via a simple egg illustration. This is a common occurrence among n00bs, and more likely than that, trolls.

To help give users more control over their experiences on the platform, and perhaps to help curtail harassment from anonymous profiles, Twitter has expanded its features to allow users to mute conversations based on a specific keyword. You can also completely mute users with default profile pictures (yep, those elusive “egg people”) from within the app.

According to 9to5Mac, these features expand upon updates made to the platform last year, which allowed users to block specific users from their @mentions. Here are some use-cases where the new-and-improved mute button might come in handy:

  • For when your diehard Knicks fan friend experiences the full range of human emotion in 60 minutes of game-play, and decides to release his frustrations by publicly accosting James Dolan for half the night.
  • When all your coworkers are at #SMW17 and you’re feeling the FOMO. Big-time. (Don’t do it, though!)
  • When you’re up early on that grind, trying to get a grasp on world events, but you can’t because the literal leader of the free world is SCREAM-TYPING incoherent thoughts across your timeline.
  • When you decided to be social instead of watching “The Bachelor,” but you don’t want to preempt your discovery that this guy has zero personality (and has sent home the one person you actually like).
  • When you don’t care about [Cultural Event X] but everyone is talking about [Cultural Event X], especially the seven brands you follow on Twitter, who have seized the opportunity for “real-time marketing.”

Levity aside, the new features are a welcome add for users who want to take more control of their experiences within Twitter. The best part? You can set custom timers to each of these filters, so you can silence your friends (or your haters) for one day, one week, or …wait for it… FOREVER.

Which keywords will you block?

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