Snapchat as Your Primary Source for News?



More than half of news consumers say they get their news from social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, but there’s a new network in town growing within the news business. Yes, Snapchat!

Social Media has changed the way people consume news. News is now spreading faster than ever due to the increased use of social media platforms. Since the dawn of the social media takeover, traffic from home pages across several news websites have dropped dramatically.

Social media’s share of clicks have continuously grown. More than half of news consumer say they get their news from social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, but there’s a new network in town growing within the news business. Yes, Snapchat!

Snapchat has been making moves ever since it’s initial launched of 2011. Whether it’s goofy filters, capabilities to create your own geofilter, or Spectacles, this app has it’s cruise control set on the path of innovation. The next big item for Snapchat may just be it’s potential IPO, but often many overlook progression of news outlets using the “Discover” section of the app.

In January 2015, Snapchat released Discover. It’s a daily feed comprised of content from media brands like ESPN, CNN, Vice, Yahoo, National Geographic, and more. These news outlets all wanted more or less the same thing: establish themselves on a newer social media platform and test the waters with copious amounts of users.

It’s surprising to many that news outlets would produce content specifically for Snapchat, while the main users of the app are typically younger than 25 years of age. Yes, according to studies, if you’re over 25, Snapchat may be a bit of a mystery. Young millennials and generation z comprise the majority of app users. But maybe, these news sources are onto something.

Education and real time news is brought to users by the original Discover clan, but more have joined. Recently, The Washington Post launched their new edition to the Discover edition to Snapchat. The Post has now become the first ever news partner of the app to provide multiple news updates per day, seven days a week. That’s right, timely news served directly to users on Snapchat.

The Post plans to take users behind the scenes for national and worldwide coverage. Journalist from The Washington Post were early adopters of Snapchat during campaign trails and even breaking new of the Baltimore riots. The was just the start. Now, that level of coverage is as frequent as ever and just swipes and taps away from obtaining.

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