5 Steps to Explain Your Millennial Job to Your Parents



For some parents, that lived and worked at different times, we can associate our jobs with other roles they will likely understand.

Our parents will always be our parents. Even if we’re already sustaining our existence and they could no longer intervene in our professional lives, we must not forget about everything they’ve done for us.

Yes, it might sound like a cliché, but that doesn’t change the truth. The real truth is that they deserve to know and understand what their children do for a living.

You really have no idea what it means for a parent to live in unknown. We should never put them through this; because again… they deserve better. In fact, a parent actually has a strong need to know what’s going on with his children – you’ll have it too when you have your first child.

“But they just won’t understand, so there’s no point in trying!”

In many cases, people want to tell their parents about their jobs. The problem comes when someone speaks about his millennial job, which could go beyond the parent’s knowledge and understanding.

This digital era that we’re experiencing right now… well… our parents didn’t go through this; they have no idea what a “Digital Marketing Manager” is. This is why explaining our millennial jobs to our parents might be challenging.

In any case, there’s no reason to panic, as this matter can definitely be solved. Let’s take a glimpse at 5 insightful ways of approaching and explaining your parents what you do for a living, and what that millennial job actually means.

1. Tell Them about What You Actually Do

Many millennials expect their parents to understand their jobs, so they start to explain their job title. This is a mistake. Why would they care about your job title? They want to know the description. So instead of mentioning “Digital Marketer”, explain them in what it consists.

For example, this is how a ghostwriter could explain the job to their parents:

“I write articles on different topics, and I send them directly to a client. These articles are publishing under the client’s name. The communication is online, and I receive the payments the moment I deliver their assignments.” Every parent should understand such an explanation!

If the job is too complicated, try explaining the benefits that you’re bringing to the marketplace. If you’re a marketing consultant, explain to them that “you help companies create different strategies for selling their products” or that “you contribute with your knowledge and attract more revenue for a company”.

2. Explain Like You Were Talking to Children

I know it sounds dull, but trust me. Your parents are older than you, of course, but they’re so young in contemporary knowledge. Technology is advancing too quickly, and most of our parents haven’t really tried to stay on track. They value their own lifestyle, own habits, and their own way of living.

John Tracy, Career advisor at Resumes Planet suggests: “Talk to them like you were talking to a child. That means simple words and plenty of easy examples and metaphors that will make them understand better. Using complex language will only confuse them more.”

If your parents are old-school, never ever make the mistake of treating them like millennials. They are not, and you should accept that.

3. Show Them What You Do

There’s no better way of explaining to your parents what you do other than showing them. There are a few ways to do this. If you’re working for a company, ask your superiors to allow your parents to drop off. Spend 20 minutes with them, showing them what it is that you do.

If you don’t want to bring them over, you can find an online resource (video, article, etc.) and show it to them. The web is a place filled with tutorials; make an effort and find some good ones.

4. Compare Your Job to Something They Understand

If you want someone to understand something, start using powerful examples throughout your explanations. For our parents, that lived and worked at different times, we can associate our jobs with other jobs which they understand.

For example, a social media marketer could explain that he’s basically a normal marketer that uses his computer to share pieces of information, create marketing campaigns, and attract customers to a business. If they know what a marketer does, they’ll be able to understand.

Also, when comparing a job with some of their contemporary jobs, you’re gaining their interest, because they will “finally” understand what you do.

5. Don’t Explain What You Don’t Have To

Some jobs come with very complex aspects; most of the times, even our millennial friends which aren’t specialized in such things wouldn’t understand. In order to avoid this issue, talk only about the relevant things. Don’t go into details, as they are not so important to your parents.

They want to know what you do in essence, and you should give them the essence. If you don’t want to explain what SMM is, don’t… it won’t make a big difference anyways. If you want to, because you believe that you can make them understand, go for it.

The point is… do not make it more complicated than it already is.

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