Any Successful Marketing Campaign Has Some Element of Paid Social Involved



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Viacom is one of the world’s largest media companies reaching audiences in 180 countries, and when it comes to their social media strategy, they are among the media industry’s leaders who truly understand not just the role of paid media in campaigns, but also its importance to help their various brands be successful online.

This video from Viacom’s panel at #SMWNYC features Lydia Daly (SVP, Social Media and Branded Content Strategy, Viacom Velocity) who discussed the fearless experimentations and new ways her team, as well as other Viacom brands, are engaging fans through innovative tactics.

In 2017, paid social media is more important than ever

When you think about “paying to play” on social media, Facebook typically comes to mind. Over a billion people use Facebook, and millions of businesses, big and small, use Facebook’s apps and services to connect with real people across all different types of devices.

However, the marketers that viewed Facebook as a “free” channel are scrambling ever since the platform blossomed into a algorithm-focused, multi-dimensional advertising platform where video rules, and a monetary investment to promote your content is just about required, if not forced upon you.

Today’s marketers need to learn how to “talk the talk” on social

Terms such as “Optimized CPM” are now standard with paid social strategies on Facebook and other major platforms, and the brands who understand these concepts the fastest will ultimately survive, rather than get lost in a whirlpool of dust and algorithms in Facebook’s rear-view mirror.

Viacom isn’t just “talking the talk” with new storytelling formats and paid social strategy, they’re also showing others in the media industry the proper way to “walk the walk” as well. For example, earlier this year, MTV posted the video “Greatest Party Story Ever: Kim Kardashian,” which was produced in a vertical format intended for mobile devices. Today, it has more than 3 million views.

Adapting quickly to updates on social platforms

Marketers should take note of how Viacom and MTV quickly adapt to the always-changing landscape of social platforms. Around the same time this video was created, Facebook announced to all Pages and content creators a few updates, best practices, and video content tips, which included a better experience for vertical videos, as well as sound autoplaying on mobile.

You can hear more from Lydia’s session, “Dear Social, What Have You Done for Me Lately? How Viacom Gets Maximum Fan Impact from Innovations in Social, Bots, and Beyond,” which features three other Viacom experts, by watching the full session on SMW Insider.

Further analysis and commentary from Viacom’s #SMWNYC panel

Watch the full video of this session by signing up for our video platform, SMW Insider, which also features 100+ hours of past talks and interviews with industry experts.

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