Use This Tool to Track the Rise and Fall of Your Favorite Memes

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Meme Trends will show you how popular your favorite memes are over time.

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Here today, gone today. Nothing quite captures the ephemeral nature of digital culture like a meme—that is, an entertaining, often humorous, piece of content that is replicated, altered and shared on the internet.

Meme Trends is Google Trends for memes. Just type in the name of your favorite meme to see how quickly it has spread, and whether it’s on the up and up, or the fast fall to forgettability.

Here’s a look at meme adoption for the terms “Jordan” and “Harambe,” two of the most popular memes from the past year. As the chart indicates, sometime around November 2016 the Crying Jordan meme overtook Harambe. Guess he’s not crying anymore!

And check out this neck-in-neck battle between Spongebob Squarepants and Vladimir Putin (both trending down as of January).

The tool was born out of a collaboration from (a search engine for finding the “dankest” memes) and data scientist and NASA researcher Evan Freitag. The engine tracks phrases up to five words long within 24 hours of any meme that’s in’s data set.

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Image Credit: Funny Junk

Katie Perry

Contributor, Social Media Week

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