Location-Based Social Media Marketing: An Art Form Worth Perfecting



“Marketers can notify customers within close proximity of a store with a deal or special promotion, as well as discover new leads by identifying areas where current customers spend time.”


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The social media landscape is noisy and fragmented. If you truly want to make the most out of this powerful digital resource, you must find a way to synthesize your efforts and narrow your target. For many businesses, location-based social media marketing is the answer.

Location Matters

It’s easy to get lost in the noise of the online world and assume that location is now a useless factor in our connected/remote business world. Unfortunately, this is a grave misunderstanding. Location is more important than ever.

When you look at the brick and mortar side of things, tools like SAP Digital Consumer Insight are being used by top businesses to analyze physical foot traffic and understand where customers are, when they pass through a specific location, and where they’re coming from/heading. This helps with physical ad placement and POS promotions. But the digital side of things is just now catching up.

Digital marketers have finally begun to realize that location matters online as well. And when used in conjunction with tools like SAP DCI, social media can help businesses gain a more complete picture of who consumers really are.

Leveraging Location-Based Social Media Marketing

Location-based social media marketing essentially refers to the use of geo-specific tools to draw specified boundaries or perimeters that show all of the social content posted within that particular area.

“Most applications will then allow the user to filter the results by keyword, date, time, user, and social media channel,” marketer Dave DeCirce explains. “By granting a business an authentic view of the social media landscape of a selected location, a business will then be able to adjust its marketing campaigns, whether digital or print.”

While there are ways to mine geo-tagged posts on your own, specific location-based social tools streamline the process and improve the volume and accuracy of the results.

Here are few of the top tools currently on the market:

  • Geofeedia. Widely considered to be the top location tool around, Geofeedia lets you predict, analyze, and act on real-time social media content within a specified location (anywhere around the world).
  • MomentFeed. For brands that have large, national presences, MomentFeed is a tool that connects them with local consumers in specific communities. It allows for the delivery of relevant localized marketing across different locations.
  • Snaptrends. Another awesome tool is Snaptrends. It allows you to make sense of online interactions by visualizing social media conversations and analyzing what information and content is relevant to your brand.

The beauty of these tools is that they help marketers look beyond the basics and truly understand customers for who they are. No longer is a tweet just sent from a random person in Tennessee. With the right system in place, you can see that (for example) the tweet is sent from a customer in Brentwood, Tennessee who is actively looking to make a purchase and wants to find someone who can help him locally. Suddenly a faceless customer can be understood within the context of location.

But location-based marketing goes beyond gathering information in a reactive manner. The information you glean from these social strategies can be used to create powerful campaigns.

“Specific targeting strategies by location make campaigns more effective,” marketing strategist R.J. Taylor notes. “Tailoring messages based on the behaviors and preferences of customers in different geographic locations will foster better customer relationships. Marketers can notify customers within close proximity of a store with a deal or special promotion, as well as discover new leads by identifying areas where current customers spend time.”

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