Slack Introduces a New “Status Update” Feature

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WFH? Or maybe you’re just having a 💩 day. Let your colleagues know via a custom Slack status update.

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Well, this could get out of hand. Slack has announced a new feature that allows users to set custom status updates.

For example, if you pop out of the office for an hour to head to the dentist, you might write “😁 At the dentist until 3 p.m.!” Of course, the 2000s-era teenager in me suspects that some employees might jump at the chance to use their statuses to send passive aggressive “away messages” out into the corporate ether. I mean … what could possibly go wrong?

In fairness, the reasoning behind the simple feature is spot on: Slack is great for rapid, in the moment communication—but we can’t always be engaged in Slack. Sometimes we’re in meetings, away from our desk, or at an appointment.

Or, perhaps we’re simply trying to focus on a deliverable without getting interrupted every five minutes by our colleagues sharing goat yoga videos and such. As such, the Slack status is the perfect feature for communicating your availability during these types of moments.

Sidebar: Fondly recalling my first job at a fun-loving digital agency, I shudder to think of what would have happened had we had Slack status updates back then. I might leave my desk and return to something like this:

Also noteworthy is that one of the default status updates is “Working remotely,” something that has become increasingly commonplace across all industries.

A number of companies have made the move to fully remote workforces, and in a recent study half of the developers surveyed said being able to work remotely was a key factor determining their desire to work with certain teams.

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Katie Perry

Contributor, Social Media Week

Katie Perry is a marketing & content strategist and contributor to SMW News, a leading news platform covering startups, tech, brands and the future of work. You can follow Katie on Twitter at @katieeperry.

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