Samsung’s “Wemogee” translates phrases into emojis to help people with language disorders

Language and the Machine


Weemogee was created to restore the possibility for aphasia sufferers to communicate easily and quickly with their friends and family.

Over 3,000,000 people struggle to talk, read, or write because of a neurological disorder called aphasia, a complex neurological disorder that affects the ability to understand and formulate language.

The most common causes are traumatic, hemorrhagic or ischemic, and up to 30% of people who suffer a stroke develop a form of aphasia. Individuals who suffer from the disorder have serious difficulty communicating with others and living their lives.

Samsung Italia has created a project to restore the possibility for aphasia sufferers to communicate with others in a quick, easy, and visual way using emojis. Samsung Wemogee helps people far away from each other and support face-to-face conversations by translating text to emoji, and vice versa.

Individuals with aphasia can communicate through images based on a library of more than 140 phrases, developed by a team of speech therapists. The team created a list of the most common phrases in conversations, and translated those into emoji sequences.


According to Dr. Elio Clemente Agostoni (Director of the Department of Neurosciences at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan):

“In the traditional treatment of language disorders, images and gestures play a key role because they go beyond the verbal barrier. In this regard, Samsung WemogeeTM is a truly new communication code. The inclusion of suggested answers, linked to certain questions, is a simple interaction model, which facilitates the use by the aphasic patient, limiting his choice and therefore the possibility of making errors.”

Wemogee is currently available for Android devices, and the iOS version and Samsung Galaxy app are both coming soon.

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