Google Home adds “step-by-step cooking” to its features

Language and the Machine


It’s so much easier to use your voice when cooking… No hands required if you’re a Google Home owner.

Google Home is adding a tasty new feature to help you with cooking and baking.

The new feature is step-by-step cooking instructions that allow you to focus on your recipe without the need to use your hands (face it, most of us look at our phone every two minutes to make sure we’re doing things correctly). Now, your recipe can be accessed just using your voice.

You can say “Hey Google, find me a recipe” and you’ll get a quality recipe from one of Google’s supported partners. Or, if you find a recipe on your phone, you can use the Google Assistant app along with your assistant to begin the step-by-step instructions.

Other useful cooking features from Google Home include:

  • getting answers about specific ingredients
  • setting timers
  • converting units of measurement
  • jumping to different cooking steps
  • tips and how-to advice for cooking
  • calorie counts
  • cooking temperatures
  • playing music while cooking

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