The Importance Of Data Personalization, Optimization, and Automation

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The value of data architecture has changed dramatically for companies of all sizes over the past decade and is expected to increase each year. For marketers, new streams of data means deeper insights into customers’ needs, preferences and desires.

At #SMWLA, Ben Engber (CEO of Lineate) spoke about breaking down the complexity of pulling data together from different sources, and how to put it to work for your brand.

Lineate’s central premies when they are talking to companies is that they need to own their data. Data that is gathered, stored and analyzed is therefore taking even greater importance among brands large and small as new tools, technologies and platforms continue to drive rapid growth and adoption.

87% of brands believe they are not using the data as effectively as they should be. Engber believes there are two major reasons. The first is that the data is not as structured as companies would like. The second is that the data might not be structured in the way that companies can get the answers they need. How can companies ask the questions if they are unable to even sort through the data they are gathering? Lineate addressed these questions by getting back to basics by treating everything as a segment.

Since content consumption in changing, Engber believes that companies would be better off focusing their data energies on building detailed quantitative audience segments, which will best serve otherwise qualitative campaign goals.

How do companies go about using the data to hit their goals? Engber went over the major steps that audiences should take away from his work shop.

  • Step 1: Collecting data
  • Step 2: Connecting data
  • Step 3: Managing the data (building segments)

Engber spoke about Lineate’s Data Switch application that capitalizes user interactions. Engber says that every interaction companies are having with their customers are “an optimizable events.”

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Al Mannarino

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