Register Influencers On Building A Successful Live Broadcast Channel


photo is giving a new generation of stars a live platform to connect with their new and existing fans.

As live streaming and live broadcasting are used almost interchangeably, it’s hard not to see the stark contrasts between the two, and recognize the talented individuals that have made broadcasting a passion and a career.

At #SMWLA, Khudor Annous (Head of Marketing and Partnerships, discussed how has broached the crowded live video market in its first year, and given a new generation of stars a live platform to connect with their new and existing fans.

He was joined by a panel of three top broadcasters ActionJacksonn, Kristina Plisko, and Amber-Tiana who have all cracked the code to building successful live broadcast channels from scratch.

Julian Mitchell (Columnist, Forbes) moderated the panel between the broadcasters with topics ranging from vs. other live-capable platforms, building relationships with fans, and defining what makes someone an influencer.

On broadcasting on over other platforms

“I think since you’re being yourself there’s more of a fanbase and actual dedication the just posting or seeing pictures. Anyone can post or see pictures. But when people are actually meeting you and understanding you as a person and you have that connection that is a strong fanbase connection and those people will follow you with whatever you do in your career.” – Kristina Plisko

On building relationships through

“I’ve met my best friends on that app. There’s a beam feature where you can have people join you like in a Facetime, so you actually meet your fans face to face. It’s not always just text. I’ve meet up with over 30 people from the app that were fans.” – Kristina Plisko

“I have a group of fans that call themselves the “Amberholics.” When they come into my room I know it’s them and I know they are there to represent me because they have a dolphin emoji in their name, so what I say when it gets crazy or if gets hectic I really try to talk to every person especially those that I know support me. And I know for sure that they support me because they carry that emoji. They carry that within their name no matter where they go, no matter who’s stream they are in, it’s not just mine.” – Amber-Tiana

“There’s definitely a different feeling when you go live.” – ActionJacksonn

What does it mean to be an influencer?

“I think an influencer is someone who can just give good advice and be a friend.” – Kristina Plisko

“These people are looking for a human connection and that’s what we are providing them.” – Amber-Tiana

“I love making people laugh. I feel that is why I was put on this earth. To make people laugh. If I’m mad or angry you see me crack a joke through all that emotion because I don’t want to give off that negative vibe.” – ActionJacksonn

Further analysis and commentary from ‘Live Broadcasters’ workshop:

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