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Go beyond the hashtag.


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Brilliant ideas count more than big budgets when it comes to building pre-party buzz, engaging with guests in real time and sustaining those valuable connections long after the event is over.

At #SMWLA, Lia Haberman (Director of Social Media at LIVESTRONG.COM), discussed how to leverage IRL events, from intimate influencer dinners to national conference series, in order to make an impact in the digital space.

“Whatever your goal, engaging people, driving impressions, growing your audience, that having an event with a hashtag isn’t enough. You need entertain, enlighten, and inspire people to provoke a genuine emotional response,” says Haberman.

She spoke about the importance of integrating a coherent social media plan around any event to successfully build anticipation, maximize reach and drive engagement.

“Hashtags are boring”

“Hashtags are boring. You have to look at the things that people want to share,” says Haberman. She mentioned that a Buffer survey revealed that 85% of event-based social media posts are multimedia posts that include photos, videos or quotes. The most popular of which is the selfie, that is why so many events have sponsored photo booths.

Before going into creating an event, Haberman recommended that you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Set people up for success and give them the tools to share your message.

Further analysis and commentary from ‘How to Build Social Virality Into Offline Events’ workshop:

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