Is Spotify The Real Winner In The Katy Perry Vs. Taylor Swift Showdown?



Taylor Swift decided to return to streaming services on the same day as Katy Perry’s album release. Well-played, well-timed.

When two celebrities start feuding, there are generally a few winners. First would be the artists themselves, and second, the tabloid media. Social media platforms like Twitter also make out, as people love to take to these places to share their opinions on such insignificant matters.

The most-talked about celebrity feud as of late has been that between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. The two pop singers clearly do not like each other. Perhaps it’s competition, their shared ex (John Mayer) or the whole backup dancer issue. Regardless, the conflict escalated when Taylor decided to return to streaming music services after a three-year hiatus.

Oh, and she decided that Katy Perry’s album release date was the perfect time to do so.

As of June 9, all of Taylor’s albums are being streamed on Spotify, Amazon Music and smaller platforms like Deezer. In 2014, Swift and her team decided not to release 1989 on any streaming music sites as a statement in favor of artists’ rights. She continued to allow platforms like Tidal and Apple Music to play her music, as they offered paid models.

So, what has changed? That remains unclear. Perhaps her team has resolved their issues with the streaming music sites, though unless their artist compensation models have evolved, this is unlikely the case. Others speculate that the decision is a PR move ahead of an upcoming album release.

Or perhaps she just wants to steal Katy’s thunder.😈

Regardless, put one in the win column for Spotify.


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