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If you’re a digital marketer looking to reach new customers in a competitive marketplace, you need to focus your efforts on three objectives: Acquire more customers, retain current customers, and build brand value.

NetBase, the award-winning social media analytics platform for global companies and brands, has recently unveiled a brand new eBook that will help provide digital marketers with a better understanding of how to execute on these three objectives.

This eBook will discuss the importance of social analytics to:

Plan campaign strategies

Using NetBase, ad agency Santy was able to create a targeted campaign to grow the social footprint of the Pocky brand. By using social analytics, the brand discovered that Tumblr was the #1 source for Pocky brand conversation and was able to plan a campaign around it with incredible results.

Key Results:

  • 870% increase in social footprint
  • 4X increase in brand conversatiom
  • 133% increase in potential impressions

Leverage audience insights

When Taco Bell used NetBase to create a custom audience of people who had talked about the brand in a positive way. They then created micro-segments based on behavioral and emotional triggers, which allowed the brand to target those individuals who would likely download and use their app.

The campaign earned the brand 3.7 million downloads for their app. Learning about their audience through insights led them to discover that their app users are 20% more likely to order at a clip of $10 per order.

Inform creative and placement strategies

Vespa and their ad agency used NetBase to find out the differences between Vespa consumers and other scooter brand owners.

They used social analytics and learned their social audience was more likely to discuss their brand and share content. This propelled Vespa to change their strategy to attract more like-minded consumers. They created a digital lifestyle magazine to showcase the brand and encouraged fans to share their Vespa-inspired content.

Key Results:

  • 51K visitors in the first three months
  • 4 mins average visit duration
  • 24% increase in social media conversation
  • 7.3% growth in share of voice
  • 2790 sales leads with 45% new to the Vespa brand

Increase reach and engagement

NetBase encourages brands to engage their most passionate influencers in strengthening brand passion and loyalty. When sock innovator, Stance, analyzed their audience, they were able to identify influencers that had a high level of passion for the brand.

This helped the brand develop and execute their “Punks and Poets” influencer campaign that garnered impressive results.

Key Results:

  • #1 share of voice
  • 800K Instagram followers
  • 200M+ brand impressions per month
  • 90+ brand sentiment

Optimize campaigns in real-time

Analyzing social media analytics can help brands optimize campaigns in real-time. Universal Music Group Nashville was able to monitor the fan voting contests like the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year Award.

In 2015, UMG used real-time analytics to help campaign Luke Bryan to win in that category by monitoring the competitor’s activities.

This resulted in a 20% increase in record sales and helped UMG develop a new social media strategy for award voting.

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