You Can Now Cop Snapchat Spectacles On Amazon Because Why Not

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Snapchat had previously only sold the wearable at strategically placed pop-ups and in its online store.

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Snap Inc. generated buzz in late 2016 by selling its debut wearable device, Spectacles, at pop-up locations in key markets like New York and Los Angeles. Though slightly more democratic than Google Glass in terms of accessibility and affordability, the Specs still remained out of reach for most people.

That’s all changed because now anybody can grab a pair on Amazon. You can check out the product pages here.

It’s an interesting update for a couple of reasons. First, when Spectacles first launched, many pundits chalked the product release up to a marketing stunt designed to drive buzz ahead of Snap’s March 2017 IPO. Since that time, news has leaked that Snap’s next iteration of Spectacles could be powered by AR, making it clear that this was not just a carefully executed PR effort.

Second, the news comes at a noteworthy time. Snap’s stock has been skidding since Q1 earnings were released back in May. In fact, shares are 12 percent lower than the March IPO price and down 40 percent overall going back to the company’s first day of trading. A likely contributor to the company’s declining stock price has been Instagram’s aggressive onslaught of updates over the course of the last year designed to mimic key product features of Snapchat. These have included selfie lenses, Stories, live video and disappearing private messages.

If Snap wants to increase sales of its signature product, Amazon is certainly a worthwhile place to do it. In early 2017, the company began selling Spectacles in an online store, but ship times were often delayed to up to 10 days. With the Amazon announcement, Prime members can have a pair in-hand within two days, with absolutely no markup.

With Facebook as a clear rival, it’s easy to jump to the assumption that Snap is cozying up to Amazon for broader, more strategic reasons, but it’s important to note that this isn’t the first time they’d hawked their branded swag on Amazon. Per Mashable, the company has been selling things like playing cards, beach towels and plushies of the famed Snapchat Ghost there for quite some time.

Katie Perry

Contributor, Social Media Week

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