These Are The Most Improved Brands Among Millennials In 2017



Digital properties dominate the list of most-improved brands—with a somewhat unusual suspect taking the top spot

Research firm YouGov has released its annual BrandIndex rankings, which scored companies based on the change in brand momentum between the second half of 2016 with the first half of 2017. The perception statistics are based on the firm’s conversations with 1.5 million consumers.

The list, specific to Gen Y and repurposed below via Adweek, indicates that digital brands are among the most improved among millennials in particular. In fact, 50 percent of the top 20 companies based on positive brand momentum are digital by design.

The most surprising finding: Uber ranked most improved of all brands, rising more than 8 points year-over-year. This could be attributed to the way in which YouGov indicates brand momentum or “customer score”—that is, “the percentage of U.S. millennials who are current customers of the particular brand within the past 30 days.”

The survey indicates that despite Uber’s very public woes, the utility of the app and general stickiness among millennials trumps the company’s well-publicized leadership and cultural challenges. For millennials, who are often cast as cause-supporters when it comes to brands, there are perhaps times in which convenience comes before perceived values.

h/t Adweek

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