The Tiny, Two-Letter Word That’s Driving Pinterest’s 2017 Strategy



At Social Media Week London, learn how Pinterest’s new products are empowering its community to “do.”

Internally, Pinterest has dubbed 2017 the “Year of Do.” As such, their product updates and strategies all focus on one thing: helping pinners turn ideas into action. In other words, moving from view to “do.”

At Social Media Week London, you’ll hear from Eric Edge, Head of Global Marketing Communications and Industry Relations at Pinterest as he explores Pinterest’s current mission and how the company is building out its business offering to match it. Grab your pass and bookmark the session, entitled, “How to Use Visual Discovery to Inspire Consumers to Act,” to get a first-hand look at what’s on the horizon.

Here’s a summary of what Pinterest has been up to so far this year:

Pinterest Lens

Arguably the most significant update of 2017 thus far, Pinterest Lens allows users to utilize mobile cameras and the Pinterest app to bridge the gap between inspiration in the real world and Pinterest content, eliminating the hassle that often comes with tasks including decorating a home, pulling together an outfit or finding food recipes. See a pair of you shoes you like but aren’t sure what pants will patch? Point the Lens at them, tap, and instantly be presented with a variety of possible looks.

Shop the Look

A collaborative effort with partners including Refinery29, Curalate, and Olapic, Shop the Look helps pinners shop based on their favorite content within the platform. By tapping on a circle indicating the object of interest, users will be provided with a list of stores carrying the item along with the price. If you’re ready to make a purchase, you have the option of either checking out through Pinterest or through the brand itself.

Pinterest Flashlight

Pinterest Flashlight is a cropping tool users can employ to visually search for related content on the site. Whether it be a particular color, pattern, object or another element, the feature will display related Pins based on what part of the image you drag and zoom in on. This feature also lets pinners be more specific when it comes to which component of an image they care most about.

Instant Ideas

Instant Ideas helps seamlessly connect pinners to relevant content through a machine learning algorithm that, in effect, provides a passive search experience. For instance, if a user made a dish they loved and want to try a similar, yet different, recipe, all they have to do is simply tap on a circle on the original recipe already pinned to be served up related ideas to try.

Autoplay Video Ads

The autoplay feature to video ads triggers an advertiser’s video to automatically play in a user’s feed or in search results. Designed with a win-win scenario in mind, the update aims to bring advertiser greater views but at a lower cost through a per-impression payment structure.

What does Pinterest have in store for the rest of the year? Join Pinterest at Social Media Week London to find out.

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