How AI & Machine Learning Will Impact Brands In The Future



The Webby Awards examines the impact AI and machine learning are having on every aspect of life.

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Advances in AI and machine learning are not just impacting technology and social media, but also daily life decisions like financial planning, entertainment, and more.

At #SMWLDN, Gianfranco Chicco (European Marketing Director, The Webby Awards) spoke about how this AI is changing the way we live our lives and how it is impacting our humanity by eliminating decisions for us.

The Impact of AI

People are using AI when they are using applications and websites like Facebook and Spotify. In fact, 65% says automation has had a significant impact on their daily life and 79% have used AI technology in the last 12 months. But there are trust issues when it comes to AI.

In their survey, The Webby Awards found that 45% of people believe their privacy is as at risk because of AI and automation. The survey also uncovered that people prefer a human touch when it comes to making a medical diagnosis, managing a retirement portfolio, and teach a new concept in a classroom.

One aspect of everyday life has made a drastic shift when it comes to choosing AI over human recommendations; getting directions. 66% of people prefer Google Maps or Waze to tell them where to go than hearing those directions from a human.

When asked which of the following tasks do you think an automated device machine or robot will be able to carry out within the next 10 years, the tops results ranged from completing surgery, teach kids in class, and drive and deliver things. So although people don’t trust AI to do these things now, they are prepared for AI to take these tasks away from humans in the future.

How AI Will Impact Brands In The Future

After his talk, Chicco was joined by Anna Rafferty (Global Director of Digital Marketing, BBC Worldwide) and Vikki Chowney (Chief Content Strategist, H+K Strategies) to discuss how advanced algorithms, machine learning and bots have changed within the companies they work for.

Chowney believes that AI will affect PR agencies immediately in terms of automated copywriting and how it will change the way companies will hire future employees. While Rafferty and BBC Worldwide are excited about the change in algorithms when it comes to the major social media platforms and creating content in that space.

Further analysis and commentary from “This Automated Life: How Advanced Algorithms, Machine Learning and Bots Redefine Every Aspect of Modern Life, Including What it Means to be Human”: How Brands Can Leverage Audio to Reach Consumers’ session:

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