Why AI Needs To Be Designed To Reach Its Full Potential



Discussing the role design has in shaping new technologies.

AI without ‘design’ is like a movie without it’s director. It’s essential in harnessing the power of the future tech and needs to be designed with specific rules, boundaries, interpretations, and actions in mind to be successful or useful.

At SMWLDN, Nicolas Roope (Creative Partner, Poke London) between industry experts Tabitha Goldstaub (Co-Founder, CognitionX), Andrea Isoni (Director, AI Technologies), and Randeep Sidhu (VP, Product and Brand, Your.MD) to discuss the role design has in shaping AI.
Roope asked the panel about the moment when they had each saw the potential in AI, Sidhu responded with an anecdote about how an early chatbot fooled users into thinking that someone was actually behind the software typing out each response. It amazed him that the simplest piece of AI software came off as human and that made him see the potential in the future tech.

Goldstaub is amazed at how much control Amazon Alexa has over her home and daily activities. She feels that when she speaks to Alexa she it’s almost like she is coding in how she is asking her to complete tasks, but the next generation will interact with voice-first technology in a way that feels natural.

“I love the fact that my whole home is run now by Alexa. They talking about replacing jobs, I don’t even need my boyfriend to help me cook anymore.” – Tabitha Goldstaub, CognitionX

When talking about what a brand could use this space for, Goldstaub proposed the question “are you going to build something cool, creepy, or useful?” She said that brands should always strive to make something useful and listed five things they might want to use AI for:

  1. Create content
  2. Personalize your content
  3. Target your content
  4. Have the tone of voice for your content
  5. Be your brand’s customer service

The subject of designing AI for the future was tackled next and Isoni brought up the point that in the past, search engines would be geared towards men and woman and give different search results based on gender. Gender biases should not be included

“Whenever you want to design or you want to use them, be aware that whatever bias you have in mind is going to be translated or shifted into any tool you use.” – Andrea Isoni, AI Technologies

When brands are deciding whether or not add an AI component they must first realize that it shouldn’t be a separate part of the business. Goldstaub compared it to a marketing team have a mobile strategy instead of just having a marketing strategy. It shouldn’t be separate. The AI should be fully integrated into your company and not the other way around.

Further analysis and commentary from “AI Needs Designing” session:


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